Industrial workspaces often evoke images of early 1900s factories, as well as cold, calculating places that prioritize brutal efficiency over job enthusiasm. However, that stereotype has been fading in recent years, thanks in large part to a more artistic and elegant vision of the future-industrial landscape.

Workspace design also has a lot to do with it. Modern industrial businesses are adapting a series of intelligent and inventive concepts in order to craft a more modern look, which can speak volumes about a company’s work ethic, philosophy, and commitment to a happier workplace. Here are 10 of the most unique and inventive design concepts that we here at Senyst continue to promote, in order to make industrial workspaces so much more inviting.



While it may seem rather utilitarian in nature, exposed brick and concrete can add a lot of industrial chic to your office workspace. The objective is to bring out the industrialized nature of our business, while also making it clear that you’re more than the sum of your products and services. To properly offset this industrial motif and strike a healthy balance, consider adding some greenery and tasteful artwork around the space, to make it more visually appealing.



Combining metal and wood accents around your industrial office space can go a long way towards creating a modernized industrial look. Consider metal accents when choosing office furniture, and wood panels or other accents for the walls. Or, alternatively, flip them around, and see which one fits your space the best. 



Implementing reclaimed wood within your office furniture or decor can add a rustic, yet charming and professional touch to your industrial space. You can also use it for walls and ceilings if you really want to get creative. Again, the objective is to pay homage to your company’s industrial nature, while defying expectations and stereotypes at the same time.



The use of industrial lighting fixtures, such as metal shades or exposed bulbs, can evoke a sense of gritty aesthetic professionalism, which is an unorthodox, yet effective motif. Consider string and pendant lights to create a cozy atmosphere that evokes feelings of being at home, which will go a long way towards charming customers, and helping employees relax.



Metal shelving units can help accent the industrial look of your office by exaggerating it. While this may not be appropriate for all office types, it may be exactly what you’re looking for, depending on how industrial your overall company aesthetic is. You can use them to store books, files, or office supplies, while playing up your motif at the same time.



It doesn’t get much more industrial than concrete, and using it for countertops is a great option. Not only does it play up the industrial look of your space, but it’s also a more durable and accessible material for companies who do a lot of hands-on work.



While this concept is nothing new, it has been refined over the years. Exposed ductwork is popular for industrial companies, but it’s also found a home in many other businesses as well, including retail outlets. This design style doesn’t attempt to hide the industrial nature of the building you’re in, but it can be enhanced by painting the ductwork different colors, which can really add a touch of flair to the entire workspace.



Partitioning is important, but so is the need to make employees feel as if they’re all part of an ensemble team. Metal and glass partitions can help here, while also enhancing the industrial look of your workspace. Utilize partitions to cut down on distractions, segment different departments, and provide areas of privacy and focus, all without losing that sense of team spirit.



Industrial-chic furniture is a style combining industrial and modern elements to create a unique and stylish look that features exposed metal, reclaimed wood, and industrial materials such as pipes, gears, and machinery parts. The overall effect is quite striking, and designed to create a space that feels modern, yet retro/vintage. Depending on your company’s aesthetics, it can be the perfect addition.



Green walls, also known as living walls or vertical gardens, are surfaces covered with plant life, often within a controlled environment. At heart, they are designed to bring a touch of the outdoors to an indoor space. Psychologically, this can be of massive benefit to staff, since too much of an industrialized aesthetic can make them feel detached, which can lead to a drop in morale. Offsetting it with green walls and other forms of biophilic design can boost productivity by improving morale in a big way, so make sure to pepper a bit around your industrial space!



As you can see, there are plenty of options available to take the harshness out of your industrial space, and turn it into a work of art. By applying these design trends, you can boost your brand awareness while creating an authentic and enthusiastic space for your employees to get the most out of their work day. Industrial spaces needn’t be boring! 

Having trouble figuring out how to beautify and enhance your industrial workspace? Never fear, because Sensyst has the knowledge required to identify each individual space, and add the right design elements where needed. We’ll take everything into account, from your company philosophy, to branding guidelines, and everything in between. Call us today, and let us work with you!