2024 Design Trends For Financial Institutions

Finances can be stressful for many people, and the last thing they’d like to contend with is a financial institution that exacerbates the problem. The good news, however, is that financial institutions, such as banks, can implement a series of design trends that have gained popularity in order to facilitate a better experience for customers.

The trick lies in understanding how to blend the concepts of wellness and relaxation with customer service and versatility. How, you might ask? Read along to find out, as we’re going to touch on office design trends that have picked up significant steam within the financial institution sector, in a rather short space of time.


While the concept of “green” design elements such as biophilic design is largely universal, it’s an especially important design component for financial institutions. The more stuffy and sterile a bank or other institution feels, the more uncomfortable its customers will feel as a result. However, a dash of nature in the right spots can significantly de-stress visitors, leading to a more pleasant visit.

Understand the inherent link between humanity and nature, and it’s easy to see why. Incorporating potted plants, the right splash of colour, and as much natural lighting as possible can create a zen-like experience for customers who would otherwise be busy rattling off financial calculations in their minds, and stressing as a result.


The word itself sounds nefarious, but when used in conjunction with financial office design, distractions can prove highly beneficial for customers. Many visit financial institutions to speak with representatives and agents, while others wait in long queues to be served. With nothing to distract them during these particular waiting periods, customers can experience higher degrees of angst, impatience, and overall stress.

Adding signage, television sets and other distraction elements into your office design motif can help take their minds off this stress, while creating the illusion of shorter wait times. Make sure to cater to a wide array of customers by implementing distractions that serve a purpose, such as stock market reports, daily news, weather reports, and even deals/promotions being offered by your institution.


You don’t need to be a major powerhouse name in the financial sector to recognize the importance of strong branding. Maintaining a cohesive presence will help set you apart from your competition, while subconsciously impressing and reaffirming customer trust in the process. Make sure your logo, and branding elements such as colour, interior trim and office furniture feel harmonious and functional.

In doing so, you’ll send a clear message that you’ve got things under control, while offering nothing but professional service. Customers want to feel reassured that they’re working with an institution that is capable and competent, and strong branding power can help boost these feelings, tenfold.


When it comes to office design layout, you’ll definitely want to strike a balance between openness, and privacy. This is especially true for customers who are engaging in high value transactions, or discussing matters of a private and sensitive nature. Your office layout should include spaces for these types of scenarios, while focusing on a relaxed and comfortable environment from which to conduct business.
Normally, these types of situations take place inside a small office, but depending on your available space, you may not be implementing the most effective setup. When in doubt, always contact a professional office design company, such as Sensyst, to help identify the best way to strike a balance between the needs of your various clientele.


One of these trends in financial institutions as we head into 2024 is the increasing focus on health and wellness. We see it everywhere, but not so much within the interior of a financial institution. And yet, health and wellness should be a key focus, such as the implementation of noise canceling materials, air purifications systems, and functional, yet comfortable seating that makes visitors feel welcome and relaxed.

By taking the stress level down through physical comforts that may otherwise go unnoticed, you are adding an extra layer of customer service to your overall office layout. This ties in to a greater design philosophy, with a strong focus on making customer visits a pleasant and soothing experience, rather than a nerve-wracking one.


By taking into account the following design trends, your financial institution can develop a formula by which to make customers feel more welcome, while greatly reducing any anxieties they may have. Always remember, not all customers are visiting your establishment for the same reasons, which means the level of your friendliness and customer service should be reflected in your office design motif.

Is your financial institution ready for an office design theme change? Contact Sensyst today, and let us bring our vast experience to you. We’ll not only identify the size, layout and existing theme of your office workspace, but we’ll make sure it works directly for your benefit at all times.