6 Office Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2023

2023 is set to capitalize on a wave of post-pandemic excitement, and a workforce eager to look forward to a new beginning. Office design trends are following suit, and all of them are built around one specific goal – to attract talent back into the workplace, and boost their well-being and morale.

Many office design trends are set to explode in 2023, and they all offer something inventive and exciting for employees to get excited about. Conversely, business owners can capitalize on these trends in order to strengthen their brand image and company philosophy, all while attracting new talent, and wowing their biggest and best clients.

Here are 6 office design trends set to take off in a big way in 2023.



We’re not talking anti-gravity technology, but rather, an office design philosophy that chucks the notion of traditional fixed workspaces in favor of a more versatile approach. Today’s employees work largely on notebooks, tablets and other portable tech devices, which means they don’t have to glue themselves to one specific seat. 

Instead, they can take their work to other parts of the office, whether it be a lounge or reception area, the boardroom, or another office. To accommodate this “floating” philosophy, be sure to plan out your workplace with office furniture and other products that make it easy for your workers to move around freely. A change of scenery does wonders for the mind, especially in an age when some employees still suffer from post-pandemic jitters.



You thought the phone booth died out with the invention of the smartphone, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Of course, the traditional phone booth may not be making a comeback, but the idea still resonates, especially inside the workplace. With the adoption of the open office model, many employees require some privacy in order to engage in Zoom or Google Meets calls. 

The phone booth is an ideal solution, but today’s version comes with a few options, depending on the size and needs of your team. For instance, you can install single-person phone booths typical of the days of yore, or multi-person booths designed to house small teams. Implementing these space-saving options in your workplace can also double as another area where employees can work on their own, without interruption.



Tech devices continue to make the work day easier, while allowing companies to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. As the tech sphere becomes more and more sophisticated, so too does its implementation make things much simpler around the office.

From AI voice assistants and digital streaming video screens, to built-in connectivity options for office desks, and smart coffee machines, there are plenty of ways to leverage technology to create a more compelling and efficient workplace. The trick is to use only what you need, and make sure that you’re utilizing the technologies in a way that makes sense for the entire team.



As workplaces become more and more technological, so too does the demand for a return to the human element. Employees are still digging biophilic design, and that trend is only going to accelerate into 2023, and beyond. Adding a healthy dose of green into the office – be it plants and trees, or a nice shade of paint on the walls – can drastically improve employee morale and well-being.

Don’t neglect natural light, either. If your workplace is capable, try to allow as much natural sunlight to spill into the office as possible. If you can’t manage it, consider tossing fluorescent lighting into the garbage in favor of new LED technologies, some of which can actually simulate natural light. It may not seem vitally important, but the benefits of biophilic design in the workplace should not be underestimated.



With a workforce more committed than ever to environmental awareness and sustainability, it pays to invest in materials that subscribe to that philosophy. Reducing your company’s carbon footprint goes beyond simply going paperless; it now encompasses the type of products you’re bringing into the workplace.

Recyclable materials are a big hit with employees, and in some cases, they can save a company quite a lot of money when it comes to decorating. It’s always a great feeling to know that a business is doing its part for sustainability. Plus, the repurposed materials can be fashioned into all sorts of eye-catching, stylish and colourful designs that can spruce up the office in a big way.



There was a time when “understated” was the mantra of many office designers. These days, the trend has reversed, especially as we move into 2023. Feature walls and art pieces have been gaining ground in workplaces around the globe for almost a decade, but never before has there been a push to go so bold. 

Brightly-coloured neon signs, dazzling paint patterns and funky design motifs are now the order of the day, and they can inject a lot of liveliness into an office space. Naturally, there’s a cutoff point when exercising this design trend, but if used in clever and creative ways, it can create an atmosphere unlike any other, which will raise employee enthusiasm and productivity.



2023 is all about new beginnings as the social pendulum shifts back into optimistic territory. In order to attract employees back into the office, while enticing new talent to join the team, try utilizing the 6 trends mentioned above when it comes to refashioning your workplace.

Sensyst is always on standby to assist companies who may need some guidance and pointers when it comes to designing the perfect office space. Be sure to contact us immediately if you’d like to see these amazing design trends implemented at your company. Your employees will thank you!