Adding a Phone Booth to Your Office

Open office environments have become a fashionable standard, but they come with a few tradeoffs, namely privacy, peace and quiet. The more open an office is, the more distractions build up, and that means many companies are adding office furniture that can act as barriers for employees who need to concentrate.

Communication is key, which is why a lot of companies are focusing on providing phone booths for employees who can’t be bothered with a bustling office environment. It’s a rather classic solution to a modern problem – a “what’s old is new again” addition to the office environment that can give employees a respite to converse in peace.

Here are the best phone booth solutions to add to your office, which can go a long way towards balancing out an open environment with a bit of tranquility.


The Cubicall company has taken the traditional phone booth from the 1970s and 1980s, and turned it into something sleek, contemporary and fashionable. The basic premise is the same – a vertical upright phone booth that can be closed in order to partake in conversations without any heavy noise distraction.

Cubicalls can be customized according to your office environment, and contain all the necessary bells and whistles for modern communication, including USB-A and USB-C ports, electrical outlets, and even Ethernet connectivity. There’s even a UV-enabled Cubicall designed with military-grade sensor technology, and anti-viral/pathogen processes to cleanse the phone booth from things like Covid. Cubicall even offers a perfect replica of the phone booth seen in the classic comedy adventure flick Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, which is perfect for offices big on pop culture and fun.


TalkBox booths are offered in a variety of custom shapes, sizes and materials that are designed to match your office environment. They’re also spacious in comparison to many of their competitors, and come in three key variants – TalkBox Slide, Fold and Studio models.

TalkBox Slide models mimic a traditional phone booth design with a sliding door mechanism that prevents blockage of narrow walkways. TalkBox Fold mimics certain phone booths with a folding door mechanism, which is much more traditional. TalkBox Studio models are much larger, and can accommodate several people, which is perfect for meetings and conversations that require a bit of privacy.


The Thinktank name is taken from the classic notion of putting multiple heads in one room for the purpose of coming up with new ideas and conclusions. These are some of the most eloquent and contemporary phone booth-style enclosures on the market, and are dazzling in any office environment.

Thinktanks come in different sizes, and can accommodate one person, multiple individuals, or even large furniture items like couches and sofas. The rounded corners and space-age looking material gives them a clean and modern look, which is great for employees who like to concentrate in style.


Zenbooth focuses heavily on privacy, without it costing an arm and a leg to achieve. The company focuses on three models – the Solo, Duo and Quad Zenbooths, which need little explanation.

With 3.5” thick acoustic wall construction, conversations are kept private, and away from the water cooler. They also feature best-in-class ventilation with an occupancy sensor, and they’re easy to clean. They’re great for environmentally friendly offices who can benefit from the look of natural wood, which fits in perfectly with the decor.


Boasting one of the most simple and straightforward names in the business, Room focuses on phone booths and meeting rooms with a modular, non-fixed design perspective. The chic and elegant designs are a great fit for posh office environments that like to stay classy, while also looking forward.

Room offers individual phone booths, focus rooms, and open/closed meeting rooms to accommodate multiple people. The company has a number of high-profile clients in its portfolio, including Amazon, Google, NASA and J.P. Morgan, to name but a few.


Choosing a phone booth for your office environment is simply a matter of deciding which one offers the right aesthetics and extras that compliment your company decor and work philosophy. It also comes down to how many employees your business has, and whether there’s a need for single-occupant phone booths, or variants that can accommodate multiple people.

Larger phone booths are also an optimal solution for companies that don’t want to waste space with a gigantic boardroom. By keeping things small, owners and managers can slip into a multi-person phone booth and have private conversations amongst one another, or take part in business calls that require a high degree of privacy. Leveraging the right phone booth model to your particular office is key when it comes to maximizing workplace efficiency. Plus, it’s great for employees who need to get away from distractions, and focus either on their work, or the individual who just so happens to be on the other line.

Either way, it’s clear that phone booths have made a comeback, in the unlikeliest of places. That’s not a bad thing.