Balancing Functionality and Aesthetics in Commercial Interior Design

Figuring out how to balance aesthetics and functionality in your office design involves identifying the needs of your company, and your employees. You can begin by understanding the functional requirements of the office space, as well as daily operations, special activities, the number of employees that will be sharing the space, and all necessary office equipment and furniture. This essentially allows you to compartmentalize all of your assets at once, so you can decide how to deploy them and create a functioning office space. Once the functionality has been taken care of, you can adjust as needed to accommodate the aesthetic part of the equation.


When trying to balance beauty and functionality in an office design layout, always try to identify the unique characteristics of your space. For instance, does your unit have an abundance of natural light that can brighten up the interior via large windows or skylights? If so, use it as a natural light source to not only illuminate the various traffic pathways your employees will use, but also to highlight and accentuate your aesthetic choices. Glass partitions can also maximize daylight while adding a touch of functionality and structure to your layout. In other words, try to choose office furniture and accessories that will take full advantage of your lighting scheme, whether it’s natural sunlight, or a string of ultra-fancy studio ceiling lights. 


When choosing a colour scheme, make sure to utilize colours that reflect your company’s branding guidelines and overall culture in order to create a space that will energize and invigorate your employees, while impressing your clients and visitors. The use of correct textures and materials will also go a long way towards adding a special touch of beauty to your office, but you can take it a step further by utilizing them to help identify certain areas of your office, or to direct traffic. And, of course, the right colours and material choices can boost productivity, depending on the tasks in question. 


Don’t forget to choose the right office furniture that works hand-in-hand with your colour scheme, either. It’s tempting to simply go for the fanciest or most convenient office furniture items, but they should follow the same overall aesthetic theme as the rest of your office design. At the same time, you should always prioritize purchasing ergonomic furniture and equipment to ensure the comfort and well-being of employees. The right balance of aesthetics and functionality can go a long way when it comes to cutting down on stress, boosting employee retention, and attracting incredible new talent.


It’s been said before, but the use of biophilic design in an office can have a dramatic impact not just on the well-being of your employees, but the overall functionality of the office as a whole. Incorporating plants and other biophilic design elements such as moss and natural sunlight into the office space create hidden benefits that often go overlooked by most. For instance, plants not only improve the quality of air in your office, but they also enhance aesthetic beauty while emphasizing a refreshing connection to the natural world, which is shown to have incredible emotional effects. Functionality isn’t always focused on foot traffic and the right office furniture. Sometimes it’s all about boosting morale for the sake of happier and more productive workers.


The modern office requires embracing the digital and technological spheres, but oftentimes companies simply go for the standard array of connections, routers, computers and other devices, without considering the aesthetic impact…or lack thereof! It’s good to consider the integration of said technologies into the overall office design to enhance functionality and productivity. Plan for proper cable management so that things don’t become a mess, make sure there’s a sufficient number of power outlets to accommodate all that hardware, and integrate smart technology into the office to control lighting, temperature, and audio/visual equipment. There are also plenty of premium designers crafting truly artistic decor and office furniture with built-in power and connectivity options, so don’t be afraid to sprinkle a few around the office to give it some character.


And finally, don’t neglect your own company brand assets. Yes, it’s always great to deck out an office in the colours and materials associated with your branding guidelines, but what about taking it a step further by incorporating a large custom-made cutout of your logo to inspire your employees? It may seem like an unnecessary investment, but today’s workers yearn to feel as if they’re part of a larger company culture, and this is one way to accomplish that feat. Wherever you can, try to sprinkle elements of your logo or brand around the office to remind everyone that you’re committed to a common cause.



Blending aesthetics with functionality to create a fantastic office space is one of the most enjoyable challenges in business, not to mention an exciting one! However, many find the prospect daunting, which is why we’re always ready to assist. Here at Sensyst, we keep up with all the latest trends in office design, while setting a few of our own every single year. Our keen eye for detail, and our intelligent approach to office structure and functionality is a one-two punch that has scored victories for thousands of happy clients. If you’re having difficulty deciding where to start on your office design, or you’re looking to get the most out of your vision, contact Sensyst today. We’ll be glad to help.