2019’s Office Interior Design: Best Of

2019’s Office Interior Design Trends: Best Of


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Looking back on the year, it’s a good time to review and adjust for future plans and opportunities when it comes to new office designs & fit-out projects.

Whether you’re looking towards your next office relocation, furniture upgrade, complete build-out, or redesign, check out Sensyst’s list of the good things for working spaces that came in 2019:


1. A New Look at Open Office Design

In 2019 the biggest trend has been open office interior designs that actually work. Gone are the days of tearing down walls and adding desking systems just to add a few “open office” buzz words to your company portfolio. Office design in 2019 has been revolving around strategy when it comes to the open office plan. Open office designs have been much more focused on activity based working, in conjunction with a thoughtful analysis of the workplace. Having a clear understanding of your end open office fit-out goals and vision, then you’re much more likely to make it there.

2. Hybrid Office Designs for Working Flexibility

A perfect segway from new inspired open office design, is the uptrend of hybrid offices. It seems like every week our clients are asking us to assist them in designing, building and furnishing scalable and flexible offices that will assist them in attracting and retaining top talent. Agile work environments are no longer a nice-to-have but rather a must-have. For growing companies, flexible workspaces are the perfect opportunity for engagement, collaboration and workplace flow while taking economies of scale into consideration.

3. Breakout Spaces aren’t Just for Breaks

Highlighted in our last blog, more millenials are entering the work force. With a younger working class, comes younger adaptations and more modern offices. Break out spaces are becoming the hub, the heart, or the incubator of collaborative ideas from people that come together. While the lunch room conversations tend to be informal, break out spaces can foster interaction that helps bring more ideas forward. With modern office furniture, interior design, acoustics and sound dampening, break out spaces are easier to add than you may think.

4. People-first Office Design

Design offices with the person in mind, not their job title.

It’s a three-dimensional way of thinking about designing offices for people first. When designing a new interior space, or going through a fit-out, a lot of productivity can be increased with this one principal. Considering work-flow, human behavior, productivity, and big-picture placement, solves how people use the space available to them. The goal is to create an environment that allows people to be at their full-potential day in and day out.

5. Well-being; It’s more than an HR Touch-point.

We’ve all heard the phrase “leave your problems at the door” but we all know that it’s just not practical advice.

Our mindset & well-being not only effects ourselves but the people around us too. A greater total well-being in the workplace can help motivation and productivity. By taking a closer look at how office design, and office space planning effect the well-being of the people within these spaces, we can see the benefits of a more engaged workforce time and time again.

6. Add Life in the Workspace

It’s no secret that greenery helps a space look great, but check out all the additional benefits of plants in the office.

Plants integrated in office design helps, people feel more at home, relaxed as well as biological benefits of filtering air. A couple of plants strategically spaced in the office can help benefit all of these areas, and look great doing so.

7. Bringing Back The Wallpaper?

With vinyl products becoming much more accessible, we believe we’re going to be seeing a lot more wall coverings & graphics in the near future. Wall coverings allow for a lot more unique designs and areas in the office, and we’re excited to see more projects with these in the future.


With another great year coming close to an end, let’s help bring your next office fit-out or office design project come to life. Please contact us today to see how we can help you implement the best of 2019, into your future office plans.

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