Building A Fantastic Training Room For Your Office

If your company routinely engages in training seminars, it’s great to have a dedicated space where employees can meet and learn in a communal environment that’s up to the task. This can help streamline the training and/or meeting process by providing everyone with the necessary materials to function more efficiently. Designing such a space isn’t hard; it simply requires a bit of pre-planning. Follow these tips when working with your interior design company, and your training space will benefit greatly.



We’re living in a digital age, and training seminars and materials have made the jump. Today’s training room needs to be set up with the appropriate tech devices and other materials so that employees can soak up knowledge fast, and retain it on their devices for further reference.

If video is a key component of your training seminars, plan out the installation of a projector or an LCD TV capable of streaming content for all to see simultaneously. For larger spaces, you may need more than one display to compensate, depending on the size. If possible, provide tablets for employees to use, or plan out a way to integrate their existing laptops and tech devices into the seminar. A little planning can reduce costs, and deliver a dynamite training experience at the same time.



Training rooms shouldn’t be static. Rather, think about deploying a modular solution that can be reconfigured as needed. If different teams require different training seminars, they’re probably of different sizes, so make sure you can store away unused office equipment, or deploy more in case the situation calls for it. Being able to reconfigure the room’s layout is also beneficial for different types of training seminars, as well. For instance, a CPR course may require open floor space to set up test dummies.



Whoever is in charge of the training seminar should have access to everything they need to deliver the best presentation. This includes having the right desk or podium from which to make a delivery, along with modular solutions like carts to place exhibits or example materials. 

Make sure that the teacher has access to digital tech devices as needed, such as clickers and slide pointers for PowerPoint presentations, etc. The key here is to anticipate what a wide range of teacher’s needs might be, while keeping special use items on hand for particular training segments.



A functional training room should have storage options to keep the area free from clutter, and tidy to the touch. This can help with pre-training setup the night before, particularly if there are materials to be passed around to each employee. 

It’s also good to incorporate secure storage options for certain devices, particularly tech items that should be locked away during off hours. By keeping everything neat and compartmentalized, the training room will be ready for action at a moment’s notice.

At Sensyst, we are used to setting up training rooms and multi-use facilities such as boardrooms. With some careful planning, we can help craft the perfect training room for your employees to stay up to date on key materials, so they can perform better at their tasks. Contact us today for more info.