Colour Psychology

Are you having difficulty choosing the right colour for your office? Different colours give off different vibes. Adding a touch of colour to an office space with accent pieces (pillows, lamps, chairs, filing accessories, etc.) can completely and easily change your mood at work. Keep reading to find out what colours can do for your office space.

Purple: The Colour of Motivation – Your employees are lacking the drive they once had. Moral is low and you want a refreshing boost.

Purple is a restorative colour that is calming and rejuvenating. The color is linked with healing and meditation, which allows you to push past the mental block and get motivated to work again.

Blue: The Calming Colour – It’s the holiday season, things are hectic at work. There are deadlines to meet and clients to make happy. Stress levels run high this time of year. You feel too anxious to focus, which only makes things worse.

The colour blue is associated with clear thoughts, focus and relaxation. When you are stressed at work, blue accessories become emotionally calming, and blue accents can calm heart rate and slow reduce your blood pressure.

Green: The Colour of Space – Working long hours in a tiny cubicle or small room can really get to you. Not being able to step outside on busy days may make you feel very confined.

The colour green adds a little nature to your office can help provide the feeling of peace and freedom. Green reminds us of the outdoors. Hanging actual green plants or a photo of the forest will help you feel relaxed and happier. Try pairing green hues with brown furniture for a true nature feel.

Yellow: The Cheerful Colour – When the office life gets you down, you may miss your family, your puppy or anything that brings you joy in the day.

The colour yellow makes us feel happy. A nice soft yellow will provide the perfect cheerful tone to help you get through your drawn-out Monday (or Tuesday, Wednesday – you get it). The color symbolizes the bright, happy effects of sunshine and will have you thinking positively in no time. Pack pillows or paint the walls a subtle yellow, please avoid the bright shade – this will only irritate you later.

Orange: The Inspiring Colour – You may be a creative person, but lately your creative brain is slowing down. When you’re at a loss for ideas and you’re lacking inspiration, and don’t know how to get your creative juices flowing again, the colour orange in your office may certainly give you the boss you need.

Orange hues strengthen concentration while also boosting creativity. The bold colour actually stimulates your adrenaline, but go for a warmer burnt orange to avoid the distraction that can come with shocking, bright colours.

Red: The Colour of Energy – Do you ever struggle keeping your eyes open at work? When your just burnt out or haven’t had your 8 hour sleep the colour red may give you the energy your coffee couldn’t.

Red is a colour that keeps the adrenaline flowing throughout your body. Other bright colours like blue and violet also have this effect, but one pop of red in a painting or a leather couch is more effective in keeping you away and attentive.