Commercial Interior Design for Corporate Offices SPEAK TO OUR TEAM


The corporate office acts as the main headquarters through which all policies, dictats, and major decisions stem. For that reason, it should always be the first place where the prime example is set. At Sensyst, we design corporate offices that speak to a company’s work philosophy, mantra, and overall efficiency. We’ll identify the key components of what makes your business what it is, and apply them all to an office design that works for you, while setting an example the competition will envy.  

Types of Corporate businesses we’ve worked with: 

  • Banks
  • Engineering Firms
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Travel
  • Misc. 

Corporate offices are an integral part of the overall aesthetic that every company should strive to showcase. Our team will plan, design, build, and furnish your corporate office space to meet your specific business goals. At Sensyst, we pride ourselves on our forward-thinking corporate office design, and relish the opportunity to showcase our successful work. Click here to check out just a few of our previous corporate office projects.