Design-Build vs. Traditional Project Delivery Method For Office Design

As industries continue to diversify and forge new ways of doing business, they inevitably come up with solutions that serve to eliminate a lot of red tape and hassle when dealing with their customers. We’ve seen this spread out into the office design sector, as well. Previously, companies would hire a designer to bring an idea to fruition, before hiring a builder to do the actual construction work. These days, the design-builder has suddenly leapt to the forefront, offering a hybrid system which offers quite a few perks to companies looking to build out their next space.


Before diving too deeply into the topic, it’s important to flesh out the traditional project delivery method, versus an design-build approach. The traditional method involved companies requesting bids from different design firms, before taking those bids and moving onto choosing the right construction contractor. From there, it was a juggling act to balance cost effectiveness (ie: the lowest bid) with the construction firm’s reputation and value.


The design-build method is similar, but different in that it combines both facets of the traditional method into a singular system. The advantages are obvious. Not only does this tie in all facets of the build phase under one proverbial roof, but it also allows for seamless communication between designers and builders, right from day one. Initial design flaws can quickly be rooted out by having both teams on site to collaborate, thereby saving time and money. Ideally, the build process itself can be sped up, since less time is spent chasing bids, and more time ends up being allotted to the overall construction phase.


It doesn’t stop there, either. An integrated design-build team can source cost-effective materials on a near-daily basis by keeping an eye on suppliers. It also helps narrow down the final cost of a build, and negates unwanted ballooning of costs that may develop from a traditional method. It also puts the onus on the design-build team to make sure that quality is up to par, since there’s nobody else to shift the blame to. One unified team is better than two, especially when it comes to both design and build. The end design project delivery stands a much better chance of arriving on time, and within budget as opposed to the traditional model. At the end of the day, this provides peace of mind for the company shelling out the money for the project.


That’s not to say the traditional method is extinct. The focus on competitive bidding does have its advantages, especially for a company’s bottom line. However, this should not be the principal focus when choosing which method to go with for your next design project. The traditional method is still largely concentrated on cost savings, versus performance and quality. Horror stories abound of construction projects hitting snags, or coming in subpar due to lack of responsibility. It isn’t fair to paint the entire model as susceptible to this problem, but it’s worth mentioning, regardless.


At the end of the day, design project delivery should be about more than just the cost and the date. The design-build approach might cost more initially, but the cost savings over time could be monumental, thanks to the methodology. By eliminating the need to deal with two separate entities for the design and construction phases for your project, you will deal with a team that is capable of working much more closely with you, from day one.


The value of a cohesive team operating on a single project, and based on a unified vision is incalculable, and not just when it comes to the pocketbook! Missed deadlines and subpar construction can spell disaster for your business plans and future growth, and nobody wants to go back and fix what’s already been done. With a design-build team at your disposal, the chances of this happening are slashed dramatically. Think about it!


For more information on how a design-build team can be the ultimate asset for your next project, contact us today, and we’ll be happy to answer any and all questions!