Designing An Office For A Tech Startup

Ever since the internet took shape and became our primary form of communication, companies have been springing up by the tens of thousands to take advantage of this wondrous new market. The earning potential is limitless, but each prospective company needs to stay at the cutting edge of both technology, and tech culture in order to thrive.

That means having an office space that caters to the techies that make up your employee base, while staying true to contemporary office habits and culture. The right workspace will allow your employees to do their best work, make your clients happy, and retain their talents for years to come.



The key to creating a streamlining tech office space is to keep things as simple and minimalist as possible. There’s enough internet speak and tech jargon to go on for miles, so don’t overcomplicate the space. Instead, give employees an environment where they can feel relaxed and able to think clearly. This is especially true for tech companies focusing on creative projects such as video editing, web design and advertising.

Practicality should be at the forefront, with items that are easy to access, and workstations that allow employees to get comfortable quickly so they can begin working. Today’s tech office spaces don’t require a lot of stationery, so un-clutter the space altogether while choosing minimalist office furniture that is clean and tidy.



Office tech spaces need to be ready to accommodate the digital world, and the clients who operate within it. Naturally, strong internet and WiFi are absolute musts in order to get work done, but integrating them into your office design is a bit trickier. Once again, minimalism and tidiness are the way to go, so make sure to incorporate internet connectivity into the space in an efficient way.

For instance, choose office furniture with integrated connectivity options such as electrical and ethernet rails built in. That way, employees don’t have to fumble about looking for jacks, and can plug in just as easily as they disconnect. Ideally, employees should be able to get set up and ready to work in just a few seconds, then make way for the next employee using the space. Hiding wires is also a must to give the space a sense of cleanliness and style, so be sure to rely on secure and strong WiFi hubs and extenders for employees to take advantage of.



The recent pandemic accelerated the push for employees to either work from home, or alternate between workspace and home office throughout the week. This is actually highly advantageous for tech companies with employees who don’t have to be physically at the office to do their work.

As such, the hybrid work approach is quickly gaining steam. This approach allows companies to reduce the number of desks and workstations required by employees, and instead focus on specific areas where multiple people can utilize the same space. This can go a long way towards opening up the workspace, especially for companies with smaller square footage. With more breathability, employees can feel more relaxed and able to stretch their legs, while reducing distractions.



Many people who think of technology-oriented businesses tend to picture something out of science fiction – cold, stuffy and unfeeling environments with drone-like workers scuttling about. That’s not the case, and today’s tech office spaces are very big on biophilic design, for a reason. The tech sphere is heavily focused on a new age approach to both environmentalism and social cohesion, and it reflects in the space. Therefore, it’s important to add a touch of nature to the office in the form of plants and vegetation, or the use of green as a wall colour.

This approach helps employees identify more with nature, which can have long-lasting benefits according to many studies on the matter. This also includes utilizing direct sunlight and new forms of LED lighting to make them feel refreshed and invigorated. The more employees can draw similarities between the organic nature of the environment and their future-tech jobs, the more inspired and enthusiastic they will become.



The break room, game room and other recreational spaces have more than one purpose, and companies who can utilize them during the work day will net some great results. These spaces can be used throughout the day for employees who need to get away from distractions, or just change the scenery a bit in order to jog those creative juices.

Being able to switch up the environment means employees won’t get caught in a cycle of mediocrity. The ability to migrate from one space to another is a huge bonus, and it’s a great way to attract potential new employees as well. Today’s workers, especially those in the tech field, are eager to work for a company that makes them feel like more than a cog in the machine. Giving them free reign to work from multiple areas can be quite an attractive prospect.



Tech companies deal with subjects and industries that are complex enough, so it pays to keep things simple and efficient at all times. By streamlining the operational effectiveness of your office space, you can deliver the best service to your clients, while attracting and retaining diverse and intelligent talent that will stay with you for years to come.

For information on how to plan out the best office space for your tech company, we invite you to contact Sensyst today, and we’ll help you get started.