DirectCash Payments: Office Design for Banking & Finance

As experts in office interior design, Sensyst is proudly committed to creating professional environments that help businesses achieve their goals in style and comfort. And so when DirectCash Payments Inc came to us looking for solutions, we were determined to create a unique office design that fully catered to their specific needs.


Client Background

As a full-service provider of innovative payment processing and ATM managed solutions, DirectCash Payments needed an interior designer that could help them with their plans for expansion.

Upon the purchase of Threshold Financial, the DirectCash CEO commissioned Sensyst to completely re-do their 40,000 sq. ft Mississauga facility. We were challenged with upgrading this Banking & Finance company’s existing office and warehouse into a professional office worthy of their brand. 

To that end, Sensyst planned, designed, managed the build, and furnished this project over an 18-month-long project duration that included a complete exterior refresh. The end result: a bright, open and collaborative space designed to assist this client’s change management goals. 

Fully satisfied with the success of the Mississauga project, this client then tasked Sensyst with coming up with a cohesive design for its 17,000 sq/ft Calgary location. Once again, the primary design objective was an exercise in change management. In much the same way as before, we made the space open and collaborative to help the office become more productive and innovative. Another major focus was introducing natural light to staff-centered spaces to brighten and warm the workplace. 

For both DirectCash projects, Sensyst provided a full stack of our Services:


Project: DirectCash Payments Inc. Mississauga

Industry: Banking & Finance

Area: 40,000 Sq.ft

The DirectCash Mississauga project is a demonstration of Sensyst’s ability to create refined, respectable professional spaces that provide practical solutions. We wanted to establish an environment that was true to DirectCash’s core values by providing on-brand messaging. Whether in the warehouse or the office, our intention was to establish a cohesive environment that would continually impress visitors wherever they went.

The Reception (shown above) provides a warm welcome with an open and bright space. An inviting reception desk occupies the attention of the room, backed by the company logo that clearly announces itself from its position on a horizontally-textured wall. 

The spacious Reception contains ample room for a sofa-equipped waiting area in addition to a ground display and a ceiling-mounted monitor. A row of storage cabinets line the wall behind the reception desk, thereby demarcating the transition to the office’s professional space. Meanwhile, the room’s reflective ground tiles mirror the traditional closed ceiling above, one of the subtle highlights of this office environment.

Visitors entering the Meeting Room (shown above) will be dutifully greeted by a full-wall mural of the brand’s core principles. An austere and commanding boardroom table occupies the center of the room, setting the stage for the important decisions that wait ahead. Ringed by ergonomically-designed, chrome-backed chairs, the boardroom table is aptly equipped with audio-visual equipment and connections to accommodate easy off-site communications and facilitate quick computer setups.

Without deviating from the facility’s closed ceiling design, the Meeting Room features a lowered lighting installation that satisfies room lighting requirements while simultaneously facilitating better intimacy and cooperation. 

The Executive Office is a demonstration of openness and economic design without becoming spartan. With its transparent glass wall, this office space extends an invitation to all visitors by establishing an open and unassuming environment. By relegating room furniture to the back wall, visitors and sightlines are welcomed into the room obstruction-free.


Project: DirectCash Payments Inc. Calgary

Industry: Banking & Finance

Area: 17,000 Sq.ft

At over twice the size of the Mississauga location, the DirectCash Payments Calgary project provided an excellent opportunity for Sensyst to make good use of the additional space. As such, we opted for a generous and inviting professional office design that would impress new visitors and returning employees alike.

For this Banking & Finance client, we wanted an interior design that was uncluttered, free, and welcoming. Our design focused on creating a collaborative environment where workers could openly trade ideas and encourage the best from each other. The end result is an inviting office with a bright personality that would live up to the high standards of the DirectCash brand.


The interior design of the Office (shown above) is a harmonious dichotomy of polar opposites,  making for a balance of open and closed spaces bound by translucent and opaque materials. Our design called for an open ceiling concept for the facility’s shared hallways and common areas, while individual rooms were made with closed ceilings to give the benefit of greater intimacy.

Meanwhile, the size of this spacious Office is never allowed to feel cavernous and overbearing; logo-decorated glass walls create an open atmosphere within which each designated space is marked by its own clear boundaries.

The Reception (shown above) carries over many of the design philosophies that were first established in Mississauga. Here, the Calgary location likewise welcomes visitors with a strong front desk backed by the company logo on a horizontally-textured wall. 

To accommodate its smaller assigned space, the Reception’s rear storage was removed and the ceiling monitor reassigned to the seating area. Meanwhile, large windows opened up at the front allow natural light to warm up the room.

Calgary’s Executive Office (shown above) also retains many of the same inviting sensibilities from its sister version in Mississauga. Open, welcoming, and conducive to cooperation, the Executive Office provides a transparent professional environment where clients can freely discuss their needs and concerns. 

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