Five Totally Justified Excuses To Refit Your Office

Every business owner dreams of having the ultimate office – a workplace that screams style, efficiency and a flexible, modular approach to doing business. A few factors tend to get in the way; specifically time and money. It’s not cost-effective to refit the office over and over again, nor is it easy to simply draft up plans and make a go of it.

However, there are times when refitting an office environment is absolutely vital, for a number of reasons. When it’s time to finally take the plunge and hire an office design firm to come in and get the ball rolling, chances are it’s for one of the five following reasons. Every single one is a perfectly justifiable excuse for putting in the time, and the money.


1) My Office Is Out Of Date

This is the first and most obvious one, and it tends to be the main most reason many businesses go straight for the refit. Times change, and with it comes new trends and design motifs that serve to shake up the status quo. Granted, these can change on an annual basis, but there’s no reason to stick to such an impractical schedule. The best office design firms (like Sensyst) will analyze trends, colour palettes and office design schemes to build out a space that will go the distance for many years to come. Brand recognition is a big factor when it comes to making an impact, and the right office environment should reflect the company’s aesthetic choices, and internal culture.


2) My Office Isn’t Versatile Enough

In the last 4 years, we’ve seen a dramatic shift away from desktop computer-based workstations to portable tech devices like laptops and tablets. This trend won’t go away anytime soon, which is why it’s important to plan for its natural and progressive evolution. As technologies and design styles change, so too will your employees and their work habits. If your office space is rigid and traditional, you may be missing out on some key opportunities to boost morale and productivity. Setting up a versatile workspace means analyzing your company’s needs and workload to determine how best to suit the cogs and wheels of the operation – namely, your employees.


3) We Have To Move 

If you’ve decided to re-evaluate your lease, and come to the conclusion that it’s time to go, or if you simply need to move operations to another building, then it’s time to pack up. This is a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, and develop an amazing new workspace that best takes advantage of your company culture. Every growth spurt is an opportunity to better your company’s standing, both in terms of talent acquisition and retention, and client impressions. 


4) My Office Is Underutilized

Sometimes, companies chase after a bigger space with the anticipation of quick growth, but the reality is that it can take longer than expected. Simultaneously, many companies simply haven’t taken advantage of what’s there. This can lead to inefficiency right across the board. Your office space should be balanced, without any lopsided focus on a particular space. If certain parts of the workspace aren’t being used, consider switching things up to take advantage of all that real estate. Divvy up the space for different departments, so they have a little more privacy, or add in functional items like a ping-pong table or a workout center to attract employees, and keep them in good health. 


5) My Office Is Too Cramped

 If the graphic design department finds itself rubbing shoulders with the accounting department, and your kitchen suddenly feels like something out of a 20 year old’s first studio apartment, you might have outgrown your office. If moving to another space is not an option, then it might be time to work with an office design firm that can analyze your current setup, and make adjustments that loosen the proverbial belt. This could involve a simple switch-up of office furniture, or it could mean trimming the fat by getting rid of unnecessary items. Similarly, it might be wise to consider a mixture of hot-desking practices, and allowing some employees to work remotely. This would allow them to come into the office on specific days, or as needed, without dedicating an entire space to them, thereby freeing it up for extra hires.


If you find yourself in any of the predicaments listed above, then an office refit is definitely on the agenda. Make sure to tackle it sooner, rather than later. Every day that goes makes it much harder to pull the trigger, and refit your office for greater practicality and productivity. At Sensyst, we know all about refitting and redesigning offices to maximize their potential. Reach out and contact us today, and let’s see what we can do to transform yours into the best it can be!