Four Reasons Why You Need An Attractive Workspace In 2021

Many people have a talented eye for layout and design, but it takes years of experience and a constant eye on shifting trends to stay current. Many companies prefer to put the duty in the hands of an established office design firm that knows how to handle the ins and outs of the process, while keeping costs down.

There’s a reason why it’s good to choose an office design company that knows how to bring out the best in your workspace. It’s not just about detailing a room – it’s about speaking your company’s culture and projecting that message outwards onto your staff, and your clientele. Letting the experts run the show means less time worrying about the end result, and more time spent collaborating with them to develop the ultimate workspace.


Function And Form In Harmony

It’s easy to navigate through countless websites while salivating over the beautiful office designs one might see in pictures, but aesthetics are just part of the equation. Every office space is different, and requires a completely unique approach when it comes to balancing good looks with functionality.

A great office design company will add biophilic design around the office, deck out the kitchen area with a fancy coffee station, and perhaps even set up a pool table in the break lounge, but what about foot traffic, storage and workstation layout? Rest assured, efficiency was taken into consideration long before dressing an office space up with the right colours and design styles.


Catering To Employees

The best office design companies don’t just measure out your space and sketch up a design. They investigate your company’s culture and employees to determine how they work, and whether there’s room for improvement in workflow. A simple nip or tuck to your office space could yield better foot traffic or better lanes of communication between workers. It’s also wise to consider which employees need privacy, and which might benefit from an open space.

In short, there’s no base template from which to build on, and if all the office factors aren’t taken into account at the onset, it will be that much harder to integrate them later on. Employees need to be taken into account when designing the right office space. A good design company knows that employees are the lifeblood of an operation, and if they’re not working at maximum efficiency while staying enthusiastic at the same time, your bottom line suffers.


Encouraging Collaboration

These days, office spaces are evolving at a geometric rate in an effort to boost morale, which in turn boosts productivity. One of the easiest ways to sabotage this is to stifle methods of collaboration and association. Commons areas are a great way for employees to get away from their desks and take their work into another part of the office where they can refresh their brains. This is especially handy for teams who may need a bit of a pick-me-up in the form of some new scenery.

While most do-it-yourselfers would try to calculate their available space and then determine how many desks and workstations can be crammed in, they miss the human element. A design company will work with you to understand how, when and where your employees collaborate most frequently, long before they get to work with the actual redesign.


Not Too Much, Not Too Little

Some companies are willing to spend out the window when it comes to getting the highest quality merchandise for their office. That includes posh desk and benching systems, luxurious chairs and high priced amenities. Other companies may want to spend the bare minimum and keep outgoing costs as low as possible, which means skimping on quality

A good design company knows that either of these extremes is bad for the bottom line, which is why they meet somewhere in the middle. Quality office furniture and other extras don’t have to cost an arm and a leg in order to be of good quality. Similarly, they know that skimping can actually cost more in the long run, thanks to low quality craftsmanship which can cause headaches down the road. Finally, a good office design company knows where to source these balanced items in order to stay within budget, while decking out your space with some great stuff.

The benefits of working with an experienced office design company far outweigh any perceived negatives when one factors in planning, money, and most importantly, time! For more information on how Sensyst can help transform your office space as we enter 2021, please contact us today!