How to Design the Perfect Law Office

The legal world is a complex one, and people who engage with it are often intimidated by its sheer weight and time-consuming aspects. However, there are times when hiring an attorney or legal service is necessary, and law firms can make the experience a far less stressful one by incorporating the right kinds of trends into their office design.

Whether you own a law firm, or you’re merely interested in the legal world in general, the following information is equally eye-opening, informative and entertaining. Read on to learn about how the right kind of design motifs can create a compelling, inviting and reassuring law office for both employees, and their clients.


When choosing the right colours for a law office, it’s imperative to avoid ones that are too dark, as it can create a foreboding space. Contrary to popular belief, these dark colours never invoke a sense of relaxation due to how muted they are. Rather, lighter colours can create a much more relaxing atmosphere, and make clients feel as if they can sit back and breathe a bit easier, regardless of whatever legal challenges they might face. 


The law office should be an inviting space, whether it’s the reception area, or an attorney’s office. Plants are a welcome addition to any law office, as they utilize biophilic design to make people feel more relaxed and in tune with nature. When coupled with comfortable furniture, it can mimic the atmosphere of a home, which reduces anxiety. 

When it comes to attorney offices, the personal touch is best. Attorneys should humanize themselves as much as possible by incorporating decor that speaks to their personalities. Family pictures create a connection between client and attorney in a way that few decor items can. There’s also room for attorneys to sprinkle their offices with memorabilia or items that speak to their hobbies and passions, but they need to be mindful not to go overboard, lest they appear unprofessional.

Other decor items that speak volumes about an attorney include bookshelves with pertinent books related to their field of legal expertise, as well as degrees and certificates in places where clients can spot their credentials. When it comes to wall art, abstract is best, provided it isn’t too loud.


Clients who enter a law office are usually on edge for one reason or another, especially if they are on the defendant’s side of the aisle. That’s why correct lighting is required to make them feel more relaxed, which in turn will create a better dynamic between themself and their attorney. Avoid harsh or overly bright lights, which can put people on edge and make them feel as if they’re being interrogated. Similarly, fluorescent lighting can cause fatigue and anxiety, so make sure to swap them out in favor of LED lights, many of which can mimic natural lighting.

In fact, natural lighting itself should be the main priority for a law office. Utilize open windows and direct sunlight as much as possible to create a more calming and natural atmosphere for clients to relax in. When coupled with the correct forms of LED lighting, it’s a one-two combination that can help clients feel more confident in the competence and professionalism of the law office in question.


The last thing a good law office should evoke is a sense of dread or claustrophobia. Therefore, try to open up the space as much as possible. The open office concept works here, but it does come with a few caveats attached, the first of which is the issue of privacy. While it’s good to have an open office environment that doesn’t feel tight or constricted, you’ll need to make sure there are spaces where clients can feel safe and reassured.

Try to broaden out your main office area as much as possible, while maintaining key areas like meeting rooms and attorney offices, where clients can divulge sensitive and private information without having to worry about who is watching, or listening in.


There’s no rule that says law offices need to look the same, or abide by the same aesthetic rules. On the contrary, today’s law offices, or any other office in general, need to have that personalized touch to make them feel more humanistic and natural. Don’t be afraid to work with an office design company to create the ultimate space that speaks to the nature of your firm, and the hard-working employees and attorneys within. There’s always room for style and contemporary design motifs, provided you maintain a constant sense of professionalism. 

Thankfully, that’s much easier than it sounds, especially when you have a knowledgeable office design company by your side. Sensyst knows the ins and outs of office design like no other, and we’ve helped many law firms re-style and design the ultimate office spaces for their needs. Contact us today, and we’ll help you put your own personal spin on what it means to run a law firm. Your clients will thank you!