How to Improve Workplace Wellbeing at Your Office

If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it’s for us to prioritize the important things in life. For professional workplaces, this topic invariably leads to the one thing workers want most aside from job satisfaction and a higher salary: workplace wellbeing.

As much as a company wants to focus on its business goals, it needs to prioritize its employees in order to get there effectively. Savvy business leaders are already aware of the many benefits that a happy and healthy employee can provide. 

Among other things, an office that prioritizes workplace wellbeing will:

  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce elevated health risks & health care costs
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Improve employee recruitment/retention
  • Improve morale & boost training

Achieving all of these benefits is well worth the cost for any office, but it’s not a simple implementation that can happen overnight. In order to improve workplace wellbeing at your office, consider adopting these five actionable steps:


A comfortable, yet collaborative work environment


Offices need to promote employee productivity with a workplace that fulfills their needs. Simply put, workers want to be comfortable and to be able to concentrate on their tasks, while also being able to communicate well with their colleagues.

Serve your employees well by giving them a place to work that minimizes distractions and noise. Balance their need for privacy with ample, natural light. Invest in ergonomic chairs or, conversely, standing desks. Create open space where workers can meet and spark up a conversation about their work projects. 

In short, welcome your employees back to the office with a well-designed space that boosts their mood and focuses their minds.


Encourage exercise & healthier alternatives


“Health” isn’t something your business can give directly to your employees, but a healthier lifestyle is something you can encourage them to choose by providing the right alternatives.

Encourage your employees to bike to work by providing cycle racks, showers and change rooms at your office. Trying replacing sugary office snacks with healthy alternatives like nuts and fruit. Provide gym and yoga services to encourage employees to participate and stay fit.

Give your employees the opportunity to make great choices, but don’t be surprised when they do so.


Add experiential spaces


A refreshed mind is an active mind. Allow your employees to rejuvenate and recharge by providing a space where they properly unwind. 

Consider adding a game room or a coffee bar to allow workers to decompress after a stressful day. Conversely, you can also add a yoga studio or a meditation room where employees can calm themselves and find their centre.

If your workplace means more to your employees than just a place of stress and responsibilities, they may enjoy coming back to the office even more.


Add open plan and closed working environments


Give your office the flexibility it needs by providing open plan and closed working environments. Empower your employees by giving them the choice of work environment that best suits their needs. 

Help encourage a positive return back to the office with a versatile workplace that prioritizes the needs of employees.


Allow for flexible work arrangements


Another lesson we learned from the pandemic is that productivity is not exclusive to the office. Employees have proved that they can accomplish their work anywhere. And now that many offices are beginning to open up, some employees are showing a preference for working from home.

Offices can help facilitate this trend by adapting into a hybrid office. This will require setting up meeting rooms to connect with remote workers, and a reorganization of space left vacant. This way, they can provide a place that accommodates on-site and off-site employees that makes for an ideal balance that suits everyone.


Bonus suggestions


To prioritize workplace wellbeing even more at your workplace, try implementing these suggestions:

  • Add child care facilities
  • Add plants and nature
  • Add background music
  • Allow pets
  • Introduce workplace perks
  • Recognize employee successes and milestones

There’s really no limit to how you can help your employees feel healthy and well in your office. Understand the needs of your employees, and you’ll be able to implement changes that can boost your office productivity immeasurably.

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