How To Prevent Coronavirus From Spreading In Your Workplace

Whether you work from a home office or in a large corporate workspace, it’s important to take steps to combat the Coronavirus outbreak. A few simple tips can go a long way in preventing further cases from popping up and disrupting your company’s operations.


Here’s a few ways you can keep your workspace in tip top shape while the threat of Coronavirus hits is apex. When the crisis finally passes, you may find you’ve picked up a few good habits, as well!


#1) Learn The Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitizing And Disinfecting

The CDC has issued a statement which breaks down some of the terminology used when dealing with viral outbreaks. Cleaning removes germs and dirt from surfaces, which may lower their numbers, but does not necessarily kill them outright. Disinfecting does in fact kill germs on surfaces using special chemicals. Finally, sanitizing may kill germs, but just like cleaning, it’s not a guarantee. Sanitizers typically lower the risk of infection, but only disinfecting is a surefire way to take viruses out for good. Bear this in mind.


#2) Avoid Close Contact

It might be hard to avoid close contact in the workplace, but it’s not impossible. Try to limit the amount of interactions you have with others. Eat lunch at your desk, instead of piling up together in the break room. Avoid getting too close to one another at meetings, and refrain from shaking hands, even with clients. They’re sure to understand. If all else fails, work from home. If your job permits it, you might end up preventing further cases from popping up.


#3) Wipe Down Those Surfaces

It’s been reported that Coronavirus can last a number of days depending on the surface it attaches itself to. This is important to remember for those working within a confined environment where people are constantly on the move. Make sure to wipe down your workstation and any other areas you can think of to prevent the virus from gaining a foothold. Experts recommend using an EPA-approved cleaner for disinfecting purposes. This may take a few minutes, so be sure to give another wipe if required. Otherwise, let the cleaning solution settle and do its work.


#4) Wash Your Hands

You should be doing this anyways, but the threat of Coronavirus makes it even more urgent. Washing your hands is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of Coronavirus to others, as well as yourself. Dirty hands are a playground for viruses, and the moment you touch your face or mouth with infected fingers, you run the risk of being infected. Once again, this is a habit that should be practiced whether there’s a pandemic on the loose, or not.


#5) Use Hand Sanitizer If There’s No Soap

You don’t need hand sanitizer to combat Coronavirus, but it does help if you’re not close to a bar of soap. Many mistake hand sanitizers as being superior products for combating viruses and germs, but this isn’t true. In fact, soap and water is a far more effective solution. Nevertheless, second-best is better than nothing at all, so if you’ve got a bottle or two on hand, make sure to keep them close. Also, no hoarding hand sanitizer and price-gouging it on Ebay!


Your company’s workspace is a beautiful thing, so make sure to pay it forward by keeping it germ-free, especially in this tumultuous time we’re living in. It’ll all be over soon, but until then, practice safety first so that we can drive Coronavirus numbers way down, and get to the recovery stage much quicker! For more information, p