How To Set Up Your Workspace To Attract Top Talent

Movies have been made about what men want, and what women want, but what about employees? What are the key things they look for when choosing where to work? What strategies can you employ not only to attract top talent, but retain them as well? Today we’re going to take a look at ways you can set up your workspace to attract the absolute best of the best talent out there. The secret lies in the art of listening!


Many employees share a disdain for a hapless, unorganized and chaotic work environment. If you’re going to be in the office for 8 hours a day, you should enjoy yourself while you’re there. Yet, many employees feel that their work environments don’t actually work. Sometimes this is due to bad management, but often times it’s just a matter of how the workspace is laid out…or not.


The Leesman Index has embarked on multiple case studies regarding this very issue, and their attempts to break down what employees felt was important met with some interesting results. It turns out that the little things in a workspace can really affect overall staff mood and morale. Of those surveyed in one study, only 30% of employees were satisfied with temperature control and noise levels within the workplace. 28% were satisfied with the art hanging on the walls, and 33% felt that plants and other greenery were up to par. These aren’t things one normally takes into account, but they seem to be important, nonetheless.


Pit these numbers against the one that truly matters. 80% of those polled claim that workspace design is most important to them. This is a wakeup call that all companies should heed when deciding how to set up their work environment. Functionality is king.


These days, open offices and stylish design bring more and more people through the door, and into the team environment. Style plays a big part in attracting top talent, but if the functionality is missing, it’s just window dressing to cover up a flawed system. Embracing green design and cool coffee shop-inspired decor will wow anyone, but only those working within the environment will be able to notice whether there are any pitfalls.  Open office spaces tend to be the most problematic. While they have been mass-adopted by many companies, they are frequently laid out incorrectly, and do not take into account those who make up the staff. This can quickly lead to frustration, a drop in morale, and reduced worker efficiency.


A great workspace is a combination of excellent layout and decor that makes a fantastic first impression, while going above and beyond in the functionality department. To attract top talent, you need the right layout and design motif that creates a sense of vibrancy, energy and contemporary feel. According to the Leesman Index, 80% of employees working for top-tier companies would be proud to bring visitors into their workspace, while that number drops sharply down to 53% for others. Take note of this! The internet is littered with thousands of pictures of sensual, over-the-top office designs that look like they were ripped right out of a Hollywood movie, and that’s all fine, provided they work like they’re supposed to.


Functionality must always trump form, even if form is perceived as the most standout feature of an office environment. Giving employees the freedom to work within an unconstricted environment is an excellent signal that you’re a forward-thinking company with the word “team” constantly at the forefront. The more this is restricted, the more that same talent will see themselves as just another cog in yet another machine. Think modular, across the board. That counts for office layout, decor and office furniture, as well. Maintain versatility within your workspace, and you’ll not only attract the best talent, but you’ll retain them for years to come!


For more information on how to craft an artistic and functional workspace, give us a call! Nothing is more important to us than helping companies create the perfect office environment.