How to Use Your Office Space to Attain and Retain Customers

Your office space speaks volumes about you as a company, and your work culture. It’s important to view it as a selling tool to potential customers, rather than simply a spot where employees congregate to work. While productivity is always the goal, a well-designed office space can be used as a marketing tool all by itself. Here’s a few ways that a well designed office space can help you attain, and retain customers.


1) It’s You in a Nutshell

Your office space says everything about you as a company. When set up properly, it can tell clients that you’re modern, trending and adaptable. Open office setups can create a sense of vibrance and freshness that translates to your services and work. Customer perception equates a connection between forward-style thinking and the ability to present new ideas when it comes to services. By contrast, an outdated office interior design can feel stuffy and antiquated, which might influence customers to think you’re stuck in your ways and afraid of change. Ambitious companies tend to attract a lot of positive attention from clients, so it’s always advisable to stay current and on the cusp of future trends. This doesn’t mean you should go overboard, however. Your company culture is unique and all its own, so choose a setup which best expresses it.


2) Embrace Green

Environmental concerns is one of the most important factors in today’s society. There’s ways to make sure your office is following suit and promoting a positive approach to the environment. Your goal here is to promote a happy and balanced approach to the issue of environmental friendliness that reflects within your office design. Even small details speak volumes about a company, so be sure to take advantage of things like eco-bin separation for your trash, and take the time to set it up in your kitchen area so customers can see your company culture in action, once more.


3) Organic Engagement

When your office space is inviting and modern, it creates a sense of relaxation and friendliness that allows you to engage new and existing customers in a very organic manner. Small talk becomes second nature, which forges a bond of familiarity and trust between client and company. It’s a springboard for all kinds of meaningful engagements, from open house invitations to fundraising collaborations. Make sure your workspace is peppered with comfy alcoves, meeting rooms and a nice break spot to facilitate some natural and organic exchanges with your customers. If they feel relaxed, they’ll be more likely to embrace your company and realize that you’re the real deal, at which point your value shoots up in their eyes.


4) Keep Them Refreshed

Luxurious refreshments can make your customers feel appreciated. This is especially vital for first-time visiting customers. Invest in a high-end coffee or espresso maker with some top-tier brands, and don’t skimp on the details! Toss in some healthy energy bars, muffins and other snacks to whet their appetite and put them in a more jovial and positive mood. Of course, this requires a nicely laid out break room, but don’t rule out adding these to the reception area, either! That, along with some inspiring company-focused decor can create a reception area that instantly sells you, out of the box.


5) Stay Clean

Stay away from clutter as a general rule when it comes to customer perceptions. As few customers will feel comfortable dealing with a company that can’t keep its own house in order. The most idealized workspaces value style and functionality with nothing else weighing it down. That means optimizing your space and keeping clutter to a minimum. It’s advisable that employees keep personal space decorations to a minimum, and they should be classy. Similarly, office bathrooms should always be customer-centric in nature, even if they comprise a small fraction of those using them. Always operate under the assumption that a customer might drop in at any moment. Cleanliness doesn’t just apply to the workspace layout, either. Make sure your employees recognize that the sparkling workplace design they’re working in doesn’t stop there. They are also part of the experience.


It’s easy to woo customers both existing and new with a workspace that has crossed all of its T’s. Just make sure to apply balance and refrain from going overboard on any one thing. A little common sense goes a long way, but for everything else, consider bringing in an office layout specialist who can give you valuable insight on how to transform your work environment into a selling tool, all its own. We can help with that, and we invite you to get in touch with us Today to learn more!