It’s Cold Season!

It’s Cold Season– Don’t Let it Affect Your Workplace

The dreaded cold – While it may sound like an oxymoron – it is a thing, and it’s not fun. If you find yourself getting sick, please take care of yourself and don’t bring your germs to work.

Here are 5 ways to avoid sickness in the workplace:

# 1. Keep personal spaces clean

Guess What! Your desk is actually the dirtiest place in your office!

Your phone is by far the worst germ offender. Touching and breathing close to the headset all day creates a breeding ground for “YUCK”!

# 2. Maintain a germ-free zone

Faucets in the bathroom, elevator buttons and door handles all are areas that germs LOVE as well. Everyone uses these communal devices in the work environment. They carry bacteria or viruses with them.

As a boss you can’t be expected to monitor every person entering the office, but you can encourage cleanliness. Simply and strategically place hand sanitizer bottles at entrances, reception desks, and conference rooms.

# 3. Keep your employees aware during flu season

While you can clean your work environment all you want, ultimately, each employee has to prevent themselves from getting sick. Best practices like: “Wash Your Hands” have been ingrained in us since childhood, but every year it seems we need some reminders.

Post signs with prevention tips that employees can use. They can be particularly effective in bathrooms, behind doors, or above sinks.  Hygiene is always important, particularly in public places, like work!

# 4. Encourage your employees to get vaccinated

Some of your employees may want to get a flu shot, but can’t find the time. Employers lose an estimated 70 million work days due to influenza in an average year. Consider it an investment: Sacrifice one extra work hour for each employee and hedge against losing them for a week. Getting a nurse in on site is sometimes an option worth considering as well!

# 5. Don’t be a hero

Don’t promote a “tough it out” atmosphere. Calling in sick is often viewed as a shameful or weak act in an office environment, yet it’s the responsible thing to do. Even if you never intend to be intimidating, almost 50% of employees fear discipline after taking a sick-day. Bosses should encourage their sick employees to go home.

After all, it’s a lose-lose scenario to come into work sick. Without rest, the sick-employee is not productive and makes mistakes. Furthermore, they take more time to get well and are more likely to spread illness throughout the office.