The Growing Importance of Private Spaces in Today’s Office

Everybody knows the importance of a first impression- it applies to the office too! There is only one opportunity to win potential employees over and that starts with the moment they step into the office. The workspace reflects the company’s personality and subtle changes can make or break a first impression. Finding the perfect employee is a hard task, it’s important to attract them to the company and to the office. The goal is to create an environment that attracts employees to want to work in that specific office and be confident with the company that they chose.

This is why we propose the triple golden rule for office space: welcoming, well- lit and professional.  Here are some easy ways to incorporate these tricks into the office space.



A new employee walks into an office – they’re judging the company and the office space. Potential hires walk into an office and the first thing they want to feel is welcomed and appreciated. There are many simple tips that helps focus on the happiness of these employees.

  • Comfy furniture- no one wants to wait for an appointment on a rock-hard chair. Invest in comfy couches and larger chairs that are both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.
  • Add some personality- make your office fun! Bring in bright colours, conversation starter pieces of furniture and plants, plants and more plants!
  • Proper layout- consider a more open concept layout to allow the potential employees to feel welcomed. Look into glass doors, round tables and a big reception area.

Well- lit

  • Natural light- maximize the natural light, this creates for a better ambiance and positive energy. Studies prove that the more natural light there is an office, the happier the people in the office tend to be.
  • Colour- make sure to pick the right coloured light bulbs to prevent having too much of a corporate feel in the office. The right colours also aid the overall aesthetic of the office space.
  • Fun lighting- Consider lamps that attract people’s attention, have some interest and stand out from the standard office design.


The office space reflects the level of work and therefore needs an equal amount of attention. These employees want to see themselves being comfortable in this office for the long-run.

  • Clean and clutter- free office space- “less is more”, ensure organized desk spaces to provide a sense of cleanliness. This allows the office to appear bigger.
  • File-away the storage- nobody wants to see tons of papers all around, they want to see a neat filing cabinet system.  This will also help maintain efficiency and organization within the office.
  • Coordination- an office should represent sophistication not a mix match. Coordinate the furniture to match by colours and texture to have flow within in the office.

Attracting new employees is an essential goal for all companies. It’s important to give off the best first impression both professionally and in the office. These simple tips and tricks will ensure that your potential hires leave the office with an amazing first impression and the desire to work there. Your new office will reflect hospitality, a positive ambiance and comfort. Not only will these tricks attract and retain employees, but they will also increase efficiency, organization and employee well-being.