Bass Installations


At Sensyst, we were thrilled to have been given the opportunity to create a tailored office space for Bass Installations. We understood the unique requirements of a company that specializes in installations, and our team was committed to finding innovative design solutions. By carefully selecting furniture that balances functionality and aesthetics, we created a space that not only reflects the company’s brand identity, but also enhanced productivity and efficiency. Our designers collaborated with the Bass Installations team to create a layout that optimized workflow, and promoted collaboration among team members. With a keen eye for detail, we incorporated design elements that showcased the company’s passion for innovation. The end result was an office space that provided a functional and comfortable environment, ensuring that Bass Installations’ employees felt inspired and motivated to do their best work.


  • 3,000 Sq. Ft.


  • Construction


  • Mississauga, ON


  • - Plan
  • - Design
  • - Build
  • - Furnish