Greenstone Financial Services

Financial Services

In August, Sensyst faced a unique challenge. Greenstone Financial Services, an Australian financial powerhouse, intended to establish their Canadian head office in north Toronto. They had chosen a spacious 16,000 sq ft location previously used by a major Canadian bank. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the entire floor was stripped of its furnishings right before their scheduled move.

Our task? To plan, design, build, and furnish this vast area, all within the looming October 1st deadline. With only a month in hand post-confirmation, we embarked on a journey of swift execution.

Our involvement included architectural redesign, modern lighting solutions, innovative wall graphics, spacious meeting rooms, and contemporary furnishings to ensure a welcoming yet functional workspace.

A combination of teamwork, industry expertise, and efficient project management made the nearly impossible deadline attainable. Continuous collaboration and communication with stakeholders, particularly Greenstone’s facilities team, ensured alignment and timely decisions.

As we wrap up this successful project, we’re honored to welcome Greenstone Financial Services to Canada. Their trust in our capabilities has laid a robust foundation, and we’re excited about future opportunities to aid their growth in this market.


  • 16,000 Sq. Ft.


  • Financial Services


  • Toronto, ON


  • - Plan
  • - Design
  • - Build
  • - Furnish