Orangeville Chyrsler


Orangeville Chrysler had a two phase project, the objective was to modernize and add functionality to the layout of the dealership. This method is the optimal approach for Orangeville Chrysler and Sensyst, this allows them to continue meeting clients and not disrupting their employees and business operations.

The first phase was an addition to the existing building. While this was under construction, the team was simultaneously working on perfecting the design and furniture needs throughout the dealership. Phase two commenced when the first phase was over and the staff moved into the phase one area. Phase two was renovating their existing space to match the new addition. These two phases prioritized the layout, infrastructure and business optimization through interior design.

It is essential for a dealership to be versatile and multifunctional. Sensyst has the appropriate knowledge and expertise to create the proper interior design for every unique business. Sensyst made sure to stick to the demands and needs of Orangeville Chrysler.


  • 18,000 Sq.ft


  • Automotive


  • Orangeville, ON


  • - Design
  • - Furnish