Scandinavian Interior Office Design: Is It Right For You, And How Can You Implement It?

For the past few years, the Scandinavian interior design concept has gained quite a following within office workspaces, particularly due to its minimalistic elegance, functionality, and soothing aesthetics. Originating from the Nordic region as the name implies, this particular style prioritizes simplicity, the implementation of natural elements, and an atmosphere designed to foster relaxation, while boosting morale and enthusiasm for a good day’s work.

While commonly associated with interior home décor, Scandinavian design principles can also be introduced into company offices with astonishing ease, creating a harmonious and inspiring work environment. Let’s explore how you can implement Scandinavian interior design to transform your company office into a space that hits all the right marks, while creating an aesthetic style that will wow both employees and clients in equal measure.



The overarching principle lying at the heart of Scandinavian design is the concept of minimalism. To achieve this in the workplace, make sure to adopt the practice of clearing out clutter, while pushing for clean lines, neutral color palettes, and tidy spaces. Furniture and décor ought to be kept to a minimum, which will allow the beauty of a simplistic mindset to shine through. To accent this theme, wed your overall design style to a select choice of ergonomic, functional furniture that enhances both aesthetics and productivity. Scandinavian culture prides itself on minimalistic elegance, which works brilliantly in an office environment.



Scandinavian countries are forced to deal with long periods of extended darkness, which makes the utilization of natural light a rather crucial design element when it comes to boosting morale and warding off depression. By maximizing the amount of natural light in your office space with items such as sheer curtains and strategically placed office furniture, you can create a dynamic environment that works from dawn till dusk, and then some. Try incorporating lightly coloured wood choices such as oak or birch for furniture and flooring, which will cast a sense of warmth and connection to nature all around the office.



Don’t go too radical or harsh when it comes to colour palette choices for your Scandinavian-inspired office. Instead, stick to a soft and muted color palette inspired directly by nature. Whites, creams, grays and light pastels are integral and deep-rooted to Scandinavian design aesthetics, which in turn create a beautiful aura of tranquility and breathability. To further enhance the overall styling, you may accentuate these neutral tones with strategic pepperings of colour from natural elements like plants, artwork, or textiles.



What constitutes a cozy texture that will work well within a Scandinavian office motif? Think of the culture itself, which dates back centuries. Incorporate culturally familiar textiles such as wool, sheepskin and soft cushions to seating areas, which will promote a feeling of relaxation. Blend the contemporary sleekness of modern design styles with the rustic charm of the Scandinavian motif, and you’ll create a contrast that truly defines the Scandinavian feel.



Scandinavian culture greatly values the ideology of functionality that does not compromise aesthetics. Therefore, try optimizing your office layout with efficiency and collaboration in mind, and make sure to think ahead, as well. Make sure to invest in versatile workstations, movable partitions and multifunctional furniture that can be moved, redeployed and restructured to accommodate your current roster of employees, while also taking future growth into account.

To keep things fresh and exciting, try creating breakout areas with comfortable seating to encourage spontaneous meetings and creative brainstorming sessions that eschew the rigid formality of yesteryear, in favor of something much more inviting and motivating. 



We’ve already covered the importance of Scandinavian culture when it comes to office design and styling, and this also means embracing nature as a cornerstone element. You can connect your workspace with nature by integrating biophilic design elements such as indoor plants to your office, which not only help freshen up the existing air, but also create an immediate, instinctual connection with the earth around us.

The use of natural green in an office environment is a surefire way to lift spirits, boost morale, and make employees and visitors feel not only welcome, but blissful at the same time. In fact, biophilic design is counted as one of the most important facets of successful contemporary office design, so don’t neglect it!



Scandinavian design encourages a balanced relationship with technology and it’s easy to see why. As our world becomes more connected, so too does our desire to wind the clock back wherever possible, to get back to our roots. For this reason, it’s important to accept the permanency of technology, while finding ways to mitigate and downplay its rather overbearing presence in the workplace. 

A great way to achieve this is to invest in proper cable management solutions to hide wires and cords, which will not only reduce clutter, but create a sense of disconnected harmony. Other methods of integrating technology into a Scandinavian-inspired office include LED lighting which simulates natural light, discreet charging stations for smartphones and devices, and smart sensors to control everything from lighting to heating, depending on the ambient temperature and time of day. 



Implementing Scandinavian interior design principles in your company’s office means more than simply benefiting from a super-posh makeover. It also creates a workspace that embodies the wholesome and healthy tenants of balance, simplicity, and emotional well-being. By fostering a sense of soothing calmness and efficient functionality, you can cultivate a more productive and harmonious work environment that inspires creativity, collaboration, and overall job satisfaction. 

Not sure how to get started with Scandinavian office design, or wondering if your office is a good candidate for it? Consider contacting us at Sensyst. We keep tabs on the latest and greatest modern office design trends, while setting more than a few of our own in the process. If your heart is set on embracing the cultural style of Scandinavia for your workplace, contact us today, and we’ll figure out the right ways to implement it for you, the first time.