Sensyst Predicts The Future Office Of 2030 And Beyond

Here at Sensyst, we’re proud to claim that we’ve sat at the leading forefront of office design trends for many years, and we’re always looking forward to the future. However, that usually equates to the next fiscal year or two, as opposed to many years forward. The office of 2030 will look quite a bit different from the ones we see today, even if we are in the midst of a rapid evolutionary change in the business world.


It’s easy to claim the obvious trends that will carry forward into the future, but what about those that most people haven’t yet thought of? There’s a lot to see in the office of the future, and we’re about to make some bold predictions about what that might entail. Ready for a trip forward in time? Keep on reading.



No, we aren’t talking about remote work, even if that’ll be a factor in future office design. Rather, we’re talking about detachment from the typical anchors employees are used to when they head into the office. We’re already seeing the first iterations of this new workplace in the form of so-called “hot-desking,” which forgoes dedicated desks for individual employees in favor of shared desking that can be used by multiple people throughout the day and week. 


This approach has been scaled almost parallel with advances in technology which have made laptops thinner, lighter and more portable, along with tablets and other devices. Expect continued advancements in computer technology to make it easier than ever for employees to detach themselves at will, without losing the ability to remain productive. The office of today tends to focus on multiple areas which can be used for employees to do their work while banishing banality and stress, but the office of 2030 may involve a complete detachment from all the traditional workplace norms we currently adhere to.



At Sensyst, we understand the innate relationship between great office layout and the right selection of office furniture, and the two must coexist harmoniously…or else! Over the years, we’ve seen office furniture focus on minimalism, functionality and streamlined aesthetics, but we have also noticed a redirected focus on efficiency, as well. Today’s office furniture needs to be both flexible and modular so that it can be deployed throughout the office as per the growth and needs of a company. 

The office furniture of the future will undoubtedly be more technologically advanced, and focus further on workplace efficiency. Today’s height-adjustable desks, for instance, could become a mainstay, while other types of office furniture will no doubt integrate technology in the form of WiFi connectivity, any future iterations of Bluetooth, and even AI assistants. Imagine an office desk that doubles as a touch-screen interface with access to work files, internal calendars and other information that is protected by biometric security access. Marvel, if you will, at the thought of future office chairs integrating with mobile software apps to cushion and contour themselves to the different body types of various employees. None of these predictions are far-fetched, and in fact, we think they’ll quickly become the standard.



While environmentally-conscious workspaces are quickly becoming the norm, the trend may take a different turn as we move into 2030, and beyond. Expect the push for a complete transition to green energy sources to hit a temporary wall, forcing both governments and businesses to re-evaluate their policies. During this time, eco-conscious offices will still be popular, but the focus on sustainability may be hampered by the reality of global infrastructure that simply isn’t up to the task…yet.


However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Companies are already making all the moves that matter, from going paperless, to buying reusable dishes and cutlery for the lunch room, and investing in energy-efficient technologies. Advancements in everything from LED lighting and solar glass, to central AC and computers will undoubtedly focus on energy efficiency across the board, which means the office of 2030 will already be set to take advantage of the innovations driven forth by the best and brightest minds around the globe.



Artificial Intelligence is currently taking the world by storm, and its rapid evolution has many people both excited and terrified about the prospects for the future. At Sensyst, we believe that AI will prove to be a net benefit for everyone, particularly those involved in business. The sheer processing power of AI will automatically equate to a decrease in material and production costs, while ramping up development of new technologies and innovative solutions to many business-related challenges. This will have a direct impact on the very nature of future office design and layout. 


It’s entirely plausible that future offices will be reinforced with a layer of advanced AI that works in tandem with employees to yield the most efficient and positive outcomes, day after day. The continued focus on employee health and well-being means that AI will play an active role in assisting employees to work faster and lighter than ever before, which will cut down on stress, while making businesses run more smoothly. Since Artificial Intelligence is currently incapable of thinking on its own, its integration into the future office will undoubtedly be that of an assistant capable of managing tasks and scheduling far more efficiently than human employees, which will allow them to focus on the work that matters.



We often think of office design in terms of colour palettes, traffic layout and room structure, but there’s more to it than that. Here at Sensyst, we are always thinking about the future, while preparing for it at every turn. We’re convinced that the predictions we’ve made here will prove to be accurate by the time we enter the new decade. 


Meanwhile, we continue to make one client after another happy with the amazing work we do in creating and transforming offices into beautiful and functional places to work. If you’re ready to give your office a much-needed overhaul, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today so that we can get started!