The Best Arguments For Going Back To The Office

The current pandemic continues to hang on, in spite of a vaccine rollout, but we’re gearing up for a return to normal in relatively short order. All eyes are turning back to the workplace as the go-to spot, rather than the home. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, remote workspaces allowed many businesses to continue being productive without too much of an interruption. However, the cost has been great. 

Here at Sensyst, we recognize the inherent benefits and importance of being in the office. Companies can handle the storm in the short run, but there’s no denying that remote work simply isn’t up to the task of staying in business for the long haul. For those that can return to work when conditions permit, they absolutely should, and here’s why.



Many employees cite the tedium of being stuck in traffic as a deterrent to their overall work/life balance, and there’s some truth to that. However, that’s due mostly to location, rather than work philosophy. The truth is, the workplace allows people to get out of their homes, and the isolation that comes with it, and mingle. Yes, employees are there to work, but there’s no discounting the benefits of being able to talk with other people, make friends, and discuss daily events. We’re social creatures at heart, and face-to-face talk is always going to trump a Zoom meeting. 

This differs depending on who you are. Extroverted people may love going back to work, while introverts who prefer working alone may hate the idea. There are exceptions to every rule, and indeed, certain employees may actually benefit from working out of their own homes in a post-pandemic world. These should be examined on a case-by-case basis. The majority of folks, however, experience greater happiness and levels of energy by getting out of their houses, and making the trip into work.



Remote work does allow for much of the productivity in a workplace to remain, but it’s not a perfect solution. Even teams involved primarily in digital-based businesses lack the infectious enthusiasm and pooling of ideas that come with being shoulder-to-shoulder under one roof. Left to the home office space, workers are less inclined to collaborate with each other at a moment’s notice, and that means less ideas being shared across a collective group. 

Ideally, most employees should be able to stroll over to a coworker, manager or boss, and get instant feedback without having to dial someone up on Google Meets. Individual employees in a home office environment are effectively cut out of the loop, with each doing their own thing respectively. It’s far better to have everyone actively aware of what’s going on at any given time, for better planning, and overall productivity.



This is an important one. Here at Sensyst, we recognize the value of a beautifully designed workspace for the purpose of boosting employee morale, enthusiasm and productivity. We implement company brand colours, motifs and philosophical cues along with natural lighting, biophilic design, and a host of other health-related design benefits to create the perfect workspace. No matter how nice your home is, it doesn’t reflect your company culture, and that can have an effect on your own personal enthusiasm.

Humans love to feel as if they are part of something bigger than themselves, and collaborating with a team to overcome challenges and reach new heights is infectious. We all want to know that we’re contributing to a greater cause. The right workspace brings out those feelings tenfold, and allows us to feel good about something else besides that biweekly paycheck. Plus, it’s far easier to attract top talent and wow your clients if your workspace is decked out and looking its absolute best. That’s a first impression money can’t buy.



Let’s face it – this one is very important. If we aren’t going to and from the office every day, we’re not contributing to the economy. Think about how many steps you take each day at the office. Everything from buying gas, to heading over to pick up coffee for you and your team can have an immediate, positive impact on local businesses trying to make ends meet. One shouldn’t spend purely for the sake, but being in the office means making a few pit stops along the way that help everyone get by.

What good you do for your local economy will soon expand outwards to the national economy, as well. Taking pride in doing good for your nation’s economy is a positive feeling, and one we all should emulate. The quicker we can boost our economic health, the better off we’ll be. Unemployment drops, businesses grow, and more opportunities unfold for everyone. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating your own contribution to this cause.

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