The Importance of Branding in Office Design: Creating Spaces that Reflect Your Company’s Identity

Your company brand should always be reflected in your workspace, as it can generate a feeling of camaraderie and purpose among employees. The right choice of colours, fabrics, design motifs and overall branding can transform the workspace into a model of purpose and focus. Employees feel much more attuned to a company that stresses the brilliance of its own branding, so care should be taken to capitalize on it as much as possible.

Many companies aren’t quite sure how to properly adapt their branding into overall office design, however. Truthfully, it’s all about balance, but that’s something of a generalization. After all, every space is different, as is every company. Going overboard on branding can be too much, while too little can signal that a company isn’t confident enough in its own aesthetic. Here’s a few tips you can take advantage of to strike the right balance.


Before we dive into the details of how to apply branding within your workspace, we need to establish the fundamental ideology behind it. Branding creates a sense of purpose and cohesion within a business, which translates into a marketable quality that both clients and employees can recognize and appreciate.

Within the workplace, employees are more likely to feel like they’re part of an amazing company if the branding is displayed proudly, and confidently. It’s also great for talent acquisition, which can be attractive for new prospects. And finally, employees are more likely to stick around and work for a company that has a cohesive branding message backed up by great work, excellent management, and a clear, distinct vision of what it wants to accomplish.



Every company goes through a branding process through which it establishes its aesthetic look and feel. This is usually a reflection of both the products and/or services provided, as well as the overall business mantra and mission statement. The appropriate use of colours and design styles can be leveraged within the workplace, but since every branding system is different, care must be taken.

For instance, companies with heavy reds in their colour style guidelines may wish to avoid over-using too much of it in the workplace, since red is considered especially bold. When overused, it can create a chaotic effect on the mood and feel of the workspace. However, when used in clever ways, such as accenting, it can create a hip and stylish motif that will result in a positive effect.

Your branding can also run parallel with other décor options, such as your choice of art, inspirational quotes, and even your selection of office furniture. Try to think of your office as one large canvas through which to display your branding in ways both subtle and obvious, depending on the space in question. For instance, your client meeting room or boardroom should avoid being as trendy as say, your break room. Your branding should still play a vital role in both spaces, but one may wish to approach it with subtlety, while the other would do wise to play it up to a greater degree.



However you decide to implement your branding throughout your office space, the important thing to remember is cohesion. Application of branding styles and colours should feel logical, depending on the department or room in question. They don’t need to weave seamlessly between one another in ombre-like fashion, but rather, they should feel natural depending on the purpose of each area.

Varying up the use of branding elements per room is a great way to maximize the overall effect of your company image. Maintaining cohesion is still necessary, but you always have room to innovate. For instance, creative types may benefit from a workspace where brand styles and colours work in unison with appropriate artwork that can stir the imagination and revitalize the mood. For the break room, you’re free to go a little more over the top by using your branding guidelines to evoke a sense of fun and friendship. It may seem odd, but your branding can strengthen the bond between workers in ways you hadn’t thought of.



Consistency is a pivotal factor when it comes to utilizing branding within the workplace. Make sure that it tells the same overall story, no matter how it’s used. If you’ve recently updated your company logo or colours, now’s the time to outfit your office accordingly. That way, you’re sure to elicit the same consistency both inside the workplace, as well as on things like stationery, your company website, and any swag you may use as giveaways for workers and clients.

Whatever the scenario, you’ll want to maintain the same message across all channels. Getting creative with your branding as it pertains to the office is always going to be a matter of subjectivity, but the moment you feel you’re going too far out on a limb, be sure to step back and adjust your approach.



Branding in the workplace is one of the best ways to create a sense of stability, vision and focus for employees, and it will wow your clientele just as much. Simply follow the above tips before you get started, and you’ll have a better idea of how to approach your office décor. 

However, if you’re still not sure how to proceed, or you simply aren’t confident about going solo, consider giving us a call. Sensyst understands just how precise the use of branding in the workspace needs to be, and we’ll analyze your entire office from top to bottom in order to figure out how best to implement it. You’ll be involved every step of the way so that you can create a workplace that both you, your employees, and your clients are sure to love. Contact us today to get started!