The Importance Of Great Office Design In A Startup Company

Startup companies are usually concerned with initial costs, acquisition of hardware and software, and finding a suitable location from which to grow and prosper. That being said, interior design often falls into the background as a less important necessity. It’s wise for each startup company to analyze their initial costs and determine if a small portion of the budget can be allocated towards office design.

After all, a great interior space can set a trend that pays dividends for years to come. It establishes who your company is, what it stands for, and what kind of clients and employees it wants to attract. By showing the office space a little bit of love during the initial design and decoration phase, your company can lay the groundwork for what’s to come.


A Shared Vision

Starting off with a properly designed and decorated office space creates an immediate sense of cohesion among team members, and clients alike. Remember the importance of putting one’s best foot forward – a fact that is especially crucial for startups looking to make a good impression. Without the benefit of years on the job, startups need to rely primarily on the uniqueness of their services/products, and their enthusiasm to sell clients.

Contrary to popular belief, not all clients are looking for veterans in the field. This is especially true of the millennial generation, which tends to give newer and fresher voices a chance to make an impact. Similarly, startups often have more attractive price points and package deals to entice potential clients. Inviting them in for a sit-down meeting means having an office space that makes a huge impact from the moment they walk through the door.


An Unspoken Promise

Whether it’s attracting top talent or lucrative clients, a well-designed office space makes an unspoken promise that you’re serious about your business, and you’re here to stay. You aren’t playing around, and you’re going to tackle each challenge with positivity and zest. This is a key factor when it comes to impressions. A nice office space gives off a confident and positive vibe that will reverberate throughout the relationship.

Employees will feel happy to be part of a high-energy startup with the drive and determination to succeed, while clients will feel impressed by the go-getter’s attitude deployed within the company space. It’s a win/win.



Designing a startup office space gives each company a chance to cement their branding guidelines from day one. Yes, you may already have settled on your logo, company colors and mission statement, but deploying them inside the office space brings a sense of uniformity and structure that can’t be beat.

One of the most common complaints among startup staff is that companies often fly by the seat of their pants when it comes to establishing proper branding guidelines, with a “fix it later” attitude. Heading this issue off at the pass with a proactive approach can yield massive ROI down the road.



A well designed office space can help companies launch out of the starting gate while firing on all cylinders. Failure to take things into account such as layout, furniture, lighting and spacing can create a cluttered and confusing work environment that directly hampers performance. A proper office design firm knows the value of designing spaces that look beautiful, and function even better. Without the latter, chaos can quickly settle in and derail projected growth expectations.

The objective of any startup is to outgrow their space and transition to larger ones that can handle their respective growth rates. For this reason, it’s best to start off with a template for success that was proven on day one, as opposed to day one-thousand. By putting effort and attention on a proper startup space, you’ll gain invaluable insight on how to scale your business operations according to annual growth rate. That is knowledge money simply cannot buy.

For more information on how Sensyst approaches the philosophy of startup office designs, please contact us! We’d love to share our thoughts on how to open up your office the right way, from the very start.