The Importance of Loving Your Office Design

The right workspace can send positive shockwaves through your entire company by boosting employee morale, client perception and your unique branding. It’s one of the best (albeit underestimated) ways to sell your business organically, and create a real buzz about company culture. Exactly what goes into creating a killer office design, though? How can you fire up worker enthusiasm and impress your visiting client base most effectively? Let’s examine a few ways.


#1) Think Outside the Box

The term “thinking outside the box” might be one of the most abused and overrated sayings in corporate history, but it does have its moments, especially when contemplating your office space. There’s a tendency to stick to a formulaic, traditional approach to a workplace environment, and that’s an antiquated way of thinking. Companies can maintain the same functional elements of a traditional workspace design without having to sacrifice creativity in the process. Today’s workplaces are striking a balance between multiple different styles of work, and include both open spaces to encourage collaboration and energy, and private areas better suited to concentrated tasks. By designing a versatile workspace, you are taking into account not only different styles of work, but different kinds of people as well. Their personal work habits and personalities won’t always work in harmony with others, so it’s important to plan your space accordingly so all employees feel comfortable.


#2) Utilize Colour for Maxim Impact

It goes without saying that a grayscale work environment can have a dulling effect on those working within its walls. Adding life with the right colours can transform a work environment into a vibrant, energetic and creative space with very little effort. By utilizing the primary psychological colours Red, Blue, Yellow and Green, you can tailor your workspace in favour of the work you’re doing. Red is a colour that inspires activity, Blue favors those who need to relax and concentrate, Yellow fosters creativity, and Green is very organic, which can inspire the mind. It isn’t just about painting the walls, either. Utilizing the right colours in your decor can be a wonderful way to change the mood of a office space. Studies have shown that the presence of a few green plants around the workplace can have a very beneficial effect on employee morale.


#3) Take Pride in the Fine Details

People notice the little things, which is why it’s important to keep track of them. A properly maintained workspace with a few bells and whistles can have a drastic effect on new visitors. For instance, a communal area with some leisurely amenities can speak volumes about a company, especially for potential new employees who are getting their initial tour. A warm, welcoming environment with strong attention to detail is key in attracting new talent to your team roster. Further, it makes a huge first impression on visiting clientele by showing them that you take pride in your corporate culture, and that you’re committed to positivity and growth. Your company’s reputation, services and accomplishments might be first-rate, but a little extra care to workspace detail could be the determining factor in landing that sparkling new account. Today’s corporate world is more transparent than ever, so it’s important to recognize the advantages of creating a positive impression through organic means.


#4) Keep it Simple and Functional

It might be tempting to have a ton of inspirational posters lining the walls with company signs swinging from the ceiling, but too much of anything is bound to be tiresome. Modern office decor should be minimalist, yet designed for maximum impact. By keeping your work environment tidy, you are sending a message that you’re in favor of peak efficiency. Clutter in the workplace can be translated directly to cluttered work, whether that’s true or not. Best not to send a negative impression. On the employee side, nobody wants to work in an overwhelming and distracting office environment, so avoid the urge to fix what isn’t broken. Keep decor neat and civilized.


#5) Choose Functional Furniture

A brilliant workspace must include the right office furniture to be functional. Choosing the right pieces to compliment your office place means increasing productivity through employee comfort and versatile design. This means choosing contemporary and attractive office furniture that inspires the most productivity. By balancing aesthetics with functionality, you are adding a one-two punch to your work environment that will create a much more pleasant culture. It’s the one step that goes without saying, but when considered in conjunction with the above points, it’s the one that makes the most sense.

With the right amount of love and attention, you can create the ultimate workspace for the benefit of your company; one that will pay its own dividends throughout the years. We recognize the value of such a workspace, and we’d love to help you design the best one for your particular business.

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