Top Office Design Trends to Look for in 2022


The use of colour in the workplace depends heavily on the year in question, and trends do change on a fairly routine basis. Companies need to be careful how they implement colour within the workplace, as the wrong ones can create a negative vibe, or clash with the theme of the business.

For 2022, the focus is largely on how to implement earth tones into the workplace in order to create an organic feel. The use of creams, tans and off-whites are designed to keep things looking minimalist and professional, without going overboard. Other colours like green and blue are still as popular as they were during the last few years, as well. Green is closely associated with feelings of nature and the outdoors, while blue is designed to calm and soothe the mood. It also encourages people to hang out for longer periods of time in the space, which can lead to increased productivity.



Natural lighting continues to be a strong focus for companies in our modern eco-conscious age, and it should be harnessed as much as possible. Companies situated in buildings with large open windows are already off to a good start, as they can take advantage of the natural sunlight pouring through, to create a sense of refreshment and exhilaration. 

As well, don’t neglect basic fresh air. Open the windows once in a while, and let the outside breeze find its way inside. There’s no greater substitute. However, if it’s too chilly to do so during the winter or fall months, companies can always fall back on other options, provided the scents in question aren’t too overwhelming for employees. And finally, don’t neglect the use of natural cleaning products with pleasant scents, such as citrus.



Thanks to the pandemic, many employees ended up staying at home for the last two years, and they’ve become accustomed to the change. Those heading back to the office must now deal with a rather jarring return to form that they may not be fully prepared for. Therefore, companies would be wise to bring a little bit of the home space into the workplace, to make it feel more inviting for those who are making the shift back to normalcy.

The best place to implement these changes is the common recreation area. This is where a lot of the stress is burnt off through relaxation and play time, so it’s wise to invest in some add-ons and extras to make it feel more like home. This may cause a bit of friction with employees working nearby, however, which is why it’s good to consider sectioning off the recreation area with some glass inserts and soundproofing. That way, employees will still be able to keep an eye on what’s going on, without being distracted by noise and other activities. 



One office trend that will be gaining more traction in 2022 is the situating of office furniture away from the wall. This is a good thing, as it can fill in the available space within a workplace, while simultaneously making employees feel as if they’re working inside a larger area, with more going on.

While some might find this change distracting, especially in a busy work area, others will appreciate the fact that they’re not staring at a blank wall, or a boring cubicle all day long. It can also work hand-in-hand with the use of other areas in the workplace where employees can migrate and work from. The idea of a modular workplace is nothing new, but it is becoming more popular. Situating furniture away from walls and into the center area of a workplace can create a real sense of bustle and energy.

Expectations are high that 2022 will finally be the first steps towards the return to a normal world, and part of that involves reigniting the economy, via the workplace. By sticking to these clever new design trends, your company can get its workers back into the fold, and get them feeling good about everything that comes next

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