Utilizing Colors To Liven Up Your Home Office

More than ever, the home has become synonymous with work for many people forced to remain in isolation while the global pandemic circulated. Now that the crisis seems to be abating, many have grown accustomed to working remotely from home, while others are still nervous about heading back into the office. Many companies are accommodating these concerns by allowing the home office to remain a vital cog in the machine.


If you are one of those individuals working primarily from home, it’s about time to take advantage of the situation and liven things up. One of the best ways is to inject the right use of color into your workspace in order to boost morale and happiness, while helping you focus on the tasks at hand. Here’s a few color combinations that are guaranteed to do just that.


Green For Nature

The color green isn’t going anywhere, especially in an age of environmentally-conscious workers into biophilic design and the inherent health and wellness benefits it can bring. Heavy greens might be too much for the home space, especially if you’re attempting to blend your office into the rest of your abode, but different shades can yield some significant results. Destaurated “gray” and/or pastel greens can be soothing while still providing the type of enthusiastic energy one gets from a green space. Stronger greens can still take the form of plants which can provide a healthy boost to the space with their natural energy. Studies have proven that having a bit of nature in the workspace can significantly boost productivity and mental wellness. After all, we are closer to nature than we sometimes think.


Soft And Neutral

Beige and gray colors mixed with whites and off-whites are making huge strides going into 2021, and various combinations of these colors are turning up in bathrooms, hallways and bedrooms, so why not add them to your office? Depending on its location, this color combination can produce relaxation without any overly exciting and distracting colors. Whites can be off-white variants such as cream or taupe, or even textured with rock or marble materials for a more nuanced look. By understating your environment with subtle colors, you can blend your existing work items (including your computer) into the mix while freeing things up for individual products that have a little more pizzazz and flair.


Pastels That Evoke The Tropics

If your office environment would benefit from something a bit more energetic, simple pastels can go a long way towards achieving the desired results. Think peaches, yellows and fuschia pinks used in clever, restrained ways to add stripes of detail and bursts of unexpected, creative color. The use of aqua blues, teals, turquoises and melon greens can brighten things up, while adhering to the healing nature of biophilic design normally associated with traditional greens. The key is to either remain simple, or go all in when it comes to color. Anything in between is bound to be too much or not enough.


Don’t Discount The Heavies

Some colors that would normally be off the list due to their vibrancy and power are now being considered top level design choices for 2021. Implementing these colors in your home office might be a good idea, especially given that traditional office spaces have embraced these colors for years. The new year will ring in with some interesting additions to the color space, including (but not limited to) deep navy blues mixed with classy golds, fire engine reds, soft or citrus oranges, and even purples. How you use these colors will depend heavily on the color scheme present in the rest of your home, but having a room dedicated to your office space is a great way to let loose within a controlled environment. These colors tend to evoke strong emotions in the workplace as well, and should be used carefully. For instance, the use of red can be rather alarming for those who require a quiet space, but it’s great for high energy work. Conversely, purples are seen as elegant and classy, and can produce a more soothing effect.


Color is always tricky, and implementing it within the work space is a balancing act. Too much of anything can be problematic, which is why it’s important to consult an expert if you believe you lack the experience to implement it. Don’t be afraid to contact us for tips and advice on how to design the perfect office environment, whether it’s in the home, or back at head office. We’re always glad to help!