Commercial Interior Design for Car Dealerships SPEAK TO OUR TEAM


The automotive industry is competitive, fast-paced, and constantly evolving to keep pace with emerging technologies and refinements to the vehicles we drive every single day. Cars are designed to focus on luxury, styling and options, which means their respective offices and showrooms need to project a sense of class and distinction. That includes promoting branding identity and marketing cohesion in a consistent manner. At Sensyst, we have worked with many different automotive companies in an effort to streamline day-to-day operations with functional and versatile workspaces that act as promotional materials unto themselves.  

Types of Automotive companies we’ve worked with: 

  • Dealerships
  • Corporate automotive offices 

Automotive companies are consistently updating their fundamental designs, technologies and vehicle aesthetics, and this should reflect itself in their office designs. Through our process of planning, designing, building, and furnishing, we create automotive office spaces and showrooms focused on prestige and allure, without sacrificing functionality.