The Benefits of Plants in the Office

Visually Appealing – Of course plants are nice to look at! They bring different shades of fresh greens to the workplace. They also provide a feeling of calmness that ultimately, leads to a happier and healthier you!


Nature/Freedom – Humans have an instinct – a need to for nature. Plants bring a feeling of freedom and calmness to a room.


De-Stressers – studies have produced evidence that stress levels are reduced by the presence of plants and even improve productivity among office workers.


Air Filters – Offices in large buildings can often lack fresh air. Plants are continuously providing cleaner air and fighting common toxins such as mold, CO2 and dust mites.


Noise Buffers – Did you know: Plants are commonly used to reduce noise pollution along highways and interstates. Similar to highway noise barriers, plants in the workplace change room acoustics by reducing reverberation time. Plants placed in areas with hard, solid walls and floors, will effectively absorb noises which can be distracting and effect employee productivity.


Humidifiers – Plants release about 97% of the water they take in. By placing several plants together, you can increase the humidity in a room. This is particularly helpful as this dry winter weather appears to be sticking around for a little longer!


3 of The Best Office Plants:


  1. Spider Plant – Perfect for high shelves and hanging baskets, the low-maintenance spider plant thrives in partial sun or shade – making it ideal for your cubicle or windowless office. As an added bonus, spider plants carry loads of benefits for improving indoor air quality and reducing stress at work.


  1. Lemon Balm – Super-fragrant lemon balm plants can tolerate full sun or full shade, meaning they’ll be happy even if the nearest window is all the way across the office. In addition to being seriously hardy, research suggests that having a lemon balm plant around may also improve your mood and boost workplace wellness.


  1. Peace Lily – Peace lilies love the shade, so they’ll do just fine even far away from a window. This eye-catching variety is also one of the best plants for improving indoor air quality.


When you’re ready to get started let us know. We’re here to help you design your work space to its full potential!