Beta College of Business & Technology


At Beta College of Business & Technology, with campuses in the heart of Mississauga and Brampton, we orchestrated a comprehensive transformation of a 1,500sqft space into an advanced, inviting educational hub. Our expert interior design team employed a fusion of ergonomic office furnishings and lively, brand-aligned color palettes to enhance the learning experience for a multicultural tapestry of adult learners and international students.

Embracing the college’s ethos of quality and inclusivity, we integrated state-of-the-art furniture solutions and impactful environmental graphics that reflect the innovative spirit of the institution. Our strategic use of vibrant colors not only invigorates the space but also serves to support the college’s branding initiatives, setting it apart in the competitive landscape of private career colleges.

Our tailored commercial interior design approach ensures every square foot is optimized for both aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency, delivering a premium educational environment. The redesign emphasizes a collaborative, student-focused atmosphere that stimulates academic engagement and paves the way for future growth.

This project showcases our dedication to creating dynamic, multifunctional learning spaces that cater to the unique needs of adult education centers. By leveraging our expertise in commercial design and space planning, Beta College now boasts a contemporary and conducive learning area that stands as a testament to their commitment to fostering excellence and innovation in vocational and non-vocational training.


  • 1,500 Sq. Ft.


  • Education


  • Mississauga, ON
  • Brampton, ON


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