Go Sales Inc.


Sensyst recently had the opportunity to transform the workspace of Go Sales Inc., a dynamic sales consulting firm dedicated to driving growth and results. Tasked with the design, build, and furnishing of a 4,000 sq ft space, Sensyst focused on creating an open-concept office that is functional and embodies the company’s energetic and collaborative culture.

The challenge was to develop a workspace that enhances Go Sales Inc.’s collaborative and competitive spirit. Sensyst adopted an open layout to promote ease of communication and movement—vital for a high-energy sales team. Sensyst implemented fun, dynamic elements and integrated modern, comfortable furniture to keep the environment vibrant and engaging, helping to boost team morale and productivity.

This project is a testament to Sensyst’s expertise in commercial office design, showcasing our ability to create spaces that align with client branding and operational needs. We are deeply grateful to Go Sales Inc. for their trust in us for this project, which has allowed us to demonstrate our capabilities and deliver a successful transformation.


  • 4000 Sq. Ft.


  • Corporate


  • - Design
  • - Build
  • - Furnish