Using a “Millenial Approach” in Designing Today’s Workspaces

Using a Millenial Approach in Designing Today’s Workspaces


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Many of the things that millennials want/need to be successful in their workspaces, can be used successfully by every generation in that workspace to make their work environment better. Change can only happen if senior management realizes the need and are willing to invest in their companies / staff.

Switching and designing for a millenial office space will not only attract young talent, but increase the overall image, and collaborative workforce that will in turn help improve morale.

A couple of features to consider when switching to these millenial office spaces:

  • Natural lighting – natural light is known for having a positive impact on mental health, wellness and productivity
  • Bright colours and plants – colour scheme may impact mood and productivity levels
  • Functional desk spaces – clutter-free, organized desks for specific tasks keep things running smoothly in the office
  • Warm room temperature – 21 degrees Celsius is said to be the perfect temperature to improve focus and productivity
  • Open space – open spaces allow for increased collaboration and allows staff members to feel less restricted to one desk or area

This infographic features 7 benefits of switching to a millennial office space, as well as key facts and figures to support the impact office design has on productivity.


Millenial Office Space Infographi